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Huawei helped Ukko mobile demonstrate TDD LTE

recently, Huawei announced that it had jointly completed a 2.6GHz TDD LTE-A demonstration with Ukko mobile, a Finnish mobile operator, in its laboratory in Helsinki. The measured peak rate was as high as 507mbps, making it the fastest mobile broadband speed in Europe

this demonstration uses LTE-A technologies such as 2 * 20MHz dual carrier aggregation and 4 * 4 MIMO multi antenna technology in the 2.6 GHz frequency band, creating a peak rate of 507mbps. The success of this demonstration means that Ukko mobile will use this technology to deploy the fastest LTE TDD commercial in Europe in the future, and make full use of its original WiMAX base station, power supply, antenna and other equipment, which will not only greatly reduce the investment cost, but also provide users with better mobile broadband services. It is expected that the network will be officially commercial in 2015

the picture shows Mr. Mikko uusitalo (third from the left), the founder and chairman of Ukko, and Antti Pell, the CEO. Customers in any industry will benefit from Altair's deep knowledge of composite material design in products and its close integration with Optistruct and multiscale designer. Mr. inen (fourth from the left) took a group photo with Yang Ge (third from the right), vice president of Huawei TDD product line, and the management team

at the demonstration site, Ukko mobile and Huawei also jointly demonstrated the enterprise application services developed based on TDD spectrum, such as video monitoring solutions, and TDD dual carrier aggregation demonstration based on Huawei ascend mate7 intelligence. The on-site speed measurement reached 200Mbps

as an independent mobile operator in Finland, Ukko mobile is committed to serving domestic users with the most advanced mobile broadband experience, and has launched a series of cooperation with Huawei. Not long ago, Ukko announced the commercial use of the world's first LTE FDD 450MHz commercial, covering 99.98% of the country's population and becoming the largest LTE commercial network in Finland. Huawei provided end-to-end solutions. Recently, Ukko's working principle is that the electromechanical system is controlled by the servo system. Mobile has signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation with Huawei, and plans to continue to provide better mobile network services for Finnish users by using its 50MHz LTE TDD spectrum resources in the 2.6GHz band and a number of LTE-A technologies

ukko CEO Antti pellinen said: Ukko Mobile has firmly ranked first in the Finnish mobile market and has obvious advantages in spectrum resources. In addition to LTE FDD 450MHz, we will also make full use of LTE TDD 2.6GHz spectrum resources to build one LTE network with the widest coverage and fastest speed in Europe by integrating two

by the end of November 2014, Huawei LTE TD please tighten the screws. The D solution has been used in the development of 91 new models in the world. By providing the best converged evolution network solution, the best network performance and the most innovative end-to-end user experience, Huawei is committed to helping operators around the world achieve business success

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