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Huawei high-density router ne40e

[China, Shenzhen, June 19, 2018] at interop Tokyo 2018, Japan's largest annual ICT exhibition, Huawei ne40e-m1a won the best of show award 2018 special examiner award with a series of innovative advantages, such as 1U high 2T forwarding capacity, flexible and diverse port modes, programmable and easy to expand, green and energy-saving design

moto, director of Huawei Japan enterprise network solutions, accepted the award from the jury representatives.

with the increase of cloud data traffic in the future, the network will become increasingly large and the room space of enterprise customers will be limited, which requires high equipment integration, large single port capacity and flexible configuration support. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the size, capacity and reliability of the equipment. Huawei ne40e-m1a has become the most dense routing platform in the industry by virtue of its 1U height and up to 2T forwarding capacity. The interface forms are diverse, and the customer's soft composite stripping experiment can be flexibly configured according to their needs. Using the latest solar5.0 chip, it provides rich service characteristics and flexible programmable experimental capabilities, supports three typical applications of evpn, supports the next generation unified high-performance tunneling protocol Sr and perfect multicast VPN technology, and meets the smooth evolution and upgrading. In addition, the energy consumption ratio of the system has reached the industry leader, and the energy consumption is 0.4w/g, which is the general trend. It is equipped with an innovative cooling system to meet the requirements of 72db low noise at room temperature and -5 to 45 ℃ wide temperature. Today, with the rapid development of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, we will help all walks of life achieve green and energy-saving development. How can we check whether the tensile testing machine is qualified after purchasing a tensile testing machine

ne40e-m1a won the Tokyo interop special award to recognize and affirm Huawei's ne series routers. It is believed that Gaomi 100g full-service routers based on programmable NP will become the trend in the future. Ma ye, vice president of Huawei router and telecom Ethernet product line, said that based on more than 20 years of accumulation in the network field, Huawei enterprise routers will continue to adhere to the customer-centered concept and continue to invest in chips, optical devices, core software, etc, Create innovative products and solutions that are more suitable for the development trend for customers, and help customers achieve business success

interop Tokyo is a well-known networking industry event in the industry, and it is also the largest ICT exhibition in Japan. The best of show award award selection is a landmark part of interop exhibition. Every year, a professional jury composed of industry authoritative experts and university professors selects the most innovative and technologically advanced product solutions with high commercial value from hundreds of nominations

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