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Huawei helps Chile's Claro PAAS innovation achieve agile management

one of the world's largest wireless communication operators

Amrica m VIL, a Mexican Telecom Company in the Americas, is a leading telecom operator in Latin America, providing customers with value-added services and enhanced communication solutions in 25 countries in Latin America, the United States and central and Eastern Europe. Claro in Chile is a registered trademark of Mexico Telecom Americas in 9 Latin American countries

as the pioneer of AM group in Latin America in the field of digital transformation, Claro in Chile took the lead in trying it cloud in cooperation with Huawei in 2015. When the digital transformation gradually deepened, Claro in Chile once again became the leader in exploring the future development of agile business, and took the lead in initiating the innovation and reform of PAAS platform

agility, efficiency and intelligence

are the core goals of the current transformation of operators

the technology of monitoring intelligent tools, equipment and systems to achieve the set goals in the best way through the measurement and control system. The rapid development of global mobile Internet, the high penetration of intelligent terminals and the continuous erosion of Ott business have all formed a mechanism to force operators to improve their services. In the face of the market demand driven by interconnection, the business functions and network capabilities carried by operators are becoming more and more complex. The high operating costs, low resource utilization, and difficult operation and maintenance of traditional IT facilities are increasingly restricting the development of operators. With the rapid development and change of business requirements of telecom operators, the demand for agility, flexibility and scalability is growing, and a more rapid and efficient software delivery method is urgently needed

paas innovation cannot be achieved overnight, and problems need to be broken one by one. At present, there are two main demands of Claro company in Chile: first, shorten the time of application deployment, and finally improve the efficiency of application deployment; Second, build PAAS platform on the basis of existing IAAs, avoid repeated construction and improve resource management efficiency

containerization + service transformation

effectively solve customer pain points

after many discussions with Claro in Chile, Huawei proposed to start the transformation from the existing middleware. The transformation of middleware has little impact on the business, and it can be transformed without relying on ISV. At the same time, the software scale of middleware itself is small, which conforms to the particles running in the container

from the platform construction, application transformation and deployment, after a month of cooperation, Huawei helped Claro complete the containerization transformation of the following six applications/databases, and completed the definition of service:

Huawei PAAS platform, through the service packaging of applications, achieved the following results:

reduce costs: unify the resource management of IAAs and PAAS, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance

agile deployment: middleware and database resources are applied on demand and deployed automatically, effectively improving the efficiency of application deployment

reliable operation: containerization transformation, business application reaching second level elasticity and contraction capacity

parallel efficiency and reliability

lay a solid foundation for the construction of PAAS platform

specifically, Huawei PAAS platform can bring the following three values:

1. Unified supervision, efficient operation and maintenance

the natural integration of Huawei fusionstage and the current Huawei cloud stack will ensure the seamless supply of resources. Through unified monitoring and centralized operation and maintenance, It will not lead to additional operation and maintenance investment due to the introduction of medalist MD 12445 compound table developed by PAAS flat teknor apex for extrusion blow molding, so as to maximize the efficiency of resource management and maintenance

2. Prefabricated templates and agile deployment

after the application containerization transformation is completed, any resource application, environment configuration, application server installation and deployment can be pre-defined templates. At the same time, after the application server is containerized, the application is lightweight, which greatly reduces the deployment process and time

for example, it takes 8 working days to complete the work from resource application to platform construction and configuration before Weblogic transformation. After transformation, users only need to submit Weblogic ordering information, and the system can automatically install, deploy and configure the application server, which can be completed in 2 minutes

3. Elastic compression resistance and reliable operation

through containerization transformation, under the condition of traffic blowout, once the traffic reaches the set warning value, the system will quickly increase the set number of container instances in the container cluster within 10 seconds, disperse the pressure of existing container nodes, and ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the system

paas foundation has been laid, but in order to finally realize the flexibility, agility and reusability of applications, business applications need to be further transformed. For the subsequent business development lines, Huawei has also preliminarily determined the three-step plan for the long-term

build a unified IAAs and PAAS service directory to further improve the flexibility and agility of resource supply

continue to build an agile delivery platform with sustainable development and continuous integration, and shorten the application delivery time

build a unified and open microservice governance platform to provide a good ecological and operational environment for business system transformation

service is the foundation of an enterprise! No matter for Chile, clar doesn't have to spend more money to improve accuracy based on digital model files, or Huawei, the ultimate goal of any technological transformation and upgrading is to provide users with better services. In the current interconnected ecological environment, it is no longer big fish eating small fish, but fast fish eating slow fish. Only by improving their business agility and innovation vitality as soon as possible, and gradually building their own ecosystem, can operators be invincible

claro's PAAS innovation and transformation still has a long way to go,

but with Huawei peers, I believe the future can be expected

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