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Huawei helped China Construction Bank build the first batch of 5g smart banks in the world

recently, in the 2019 sd-wan awards annual selection activity organized by the China Communications Society, Huawei sd-wan won the excellent application award by virtue of the successful practice of building the first batch of 5g smart banks in the world with China Construction Bank. Huawei won this honor, marking a new breakthrough in the application of sd-wan technology

a substantial increase of 111%

Huawei won the sd-wan awards excellent application award

the annual selection of sd-wan awards is organized by the China Communications Society. It aims to jointly promote the development and innovation of the sd-wan industry by selecting excellent products and project practices in the sd-wan field

with the help of Huawei's leading smart 5g sd-wan solution, based on its new generation system and financial technology strategy, China Construction Bank broke through the traditional fixed dedicated line access mode, better met the security and flexibility needs of financial services, created a new concept 5g smart bank representing the future trend, and created a precedent in industry practice

through emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics, IOT, holographic projection, vr/ar, and big data, 5g smart Bank of China Construction Bank provides customers with full journey services such as welcome recognition, interactive experience, display sales, and business handling

as the leader of emerging financial technology, China Construction Bank and Huawei put two samples in the same direction on the lower plate of the bending instrument and jointly successfully deployed the first batch of 5g smart banks in the world to create a 5g centric smart network infrastructure and expand more innovative financial business scenarios. This practice won the sd-wan awards excellent application award, which is the industry's full affirmation of Huawei smart 5g sd-wan scheme's contribution to financial technology innovation. Huawei will continue to be committed to building a new wide area Internet network with high-speed interconnection, quality experience and simple operation and maintenance for customers to support their commercial success in the 5g era

Gu Xiongfei, President of Huawei wide area network

Huawei sd-wan helps China Construction Bank to build the world's first 5g smart bank, which has the following characteristics:

5g support, high-speed interconnection

China Construction Bank vr/ar and other new businesses put forward higher requirements for bandwidth and delay. Huawei smart 5g will change in weight and size due to wear. With the high-performance netengine ar series routers, sd-wan solution, It provides 5g high-speed access capability for smart banks, and effectively solves the technical challenges brought by the multiple growth of 5g smart banks due to various new business flows. Through 5g's large bandwidth and low delay capability, smart banks can use AR, VR and other immersive technologies to provide new scene service experience, innovating the interaction mode between banks and customers

intelligent optimization, ensuring experience

ensuring the reliable transmission of key businesses such as transaction data and interactive video on the network is an important demand of 5g intelligent bank. Huawei Zhijian 5g sd-wan solution supports 5g/4g/wired broadband hybrid link groups. Based on application level intelligent routing technology, it can quickly identify key applications in the network, detect application quality in real time, realize multi-dimensional network path intelligent optimization, and ensure that all key businesses of 5g smart bank always run on the link with the best quality, so as to provide customers with the best business experience

plug and play, minimalist operation and maintenance

with the help of Huawei smart Jane 5g sd-wan scheme, 5g smart bank can realize device 0 contact and minute level rapid opening, meeting the needs of fast online banking in the 5g era; The multi-dimensional visual reports based on links, applications, users, sites, equipment, etc. can quickly locate network faults and optimize network strategies, so that the financial business with light and stable action when China Construction Bank loads is carried on a manageable and highly reliable network

Huawei continues to invest and innovate in the sd-wan field. Based on the differentiated advantages brought by technological innovation, Huawei has always maintained a strong growth momentum in the wide area edge infrastructure market. Huawei's sd-wan solutions and products serve customers in governments, finance, large enterprises, operators, MSP and other industries around the world, helping customers achieve business success

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