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Huawei helps the wireless construction of Dortmund stadium in Germany

customer background

Germany Dortmund Football Club (BVB) is the runner up of the 2012-2013 Champions League. Dortmund stadium is the largest stadium in Germany and the ninth largest stadium in the world, with a stadium capacity of 80000 people and the world's first average audience in 2012-2013 seasons. In order to provide better services and richer experiences for fans, the stadium decided to deploy wireless networks to realize gambling, Facebook, twitter, video playback on demand and other services

customer needs

ensure high-density access for users:

Dortmund stadium has a capacity of 80000 people, with seating areas and standing areas, and a very high density. In order to ensure the experience of fans, the stadium wireless network is required to achieve 100% coverage and provide a variety of business services

distinguish user types and provide high-quality services:

the stadium grandstand is equipped with a VIP viewing area. How to provide VIP users with better wireless network services and experience is a matter of concern for the stadium. Then the allocation of wireless resources and the guarantee of bandwidth are all issues that need to be considered in the process of wireless network construction

storage of user information of large order:

in a game season of the stadium, the types of tickets sold are different, including season ticket spectators and temporary spectators for each game. In order to avoid the process that fans have to register every time they come to watch the game, it is required that the network can save the information of relevant users throughout the season

the network is highly reliable and can manage users' online behavior:

the wireless network of the stadium is mainly to provide online services for fans. While ensuring the reliability of the network, it also needs to be able to manage the online behavior of fans.

Huawei solution

after full communication with customers, according to the building structure characteristics and business needs of the stadium, Huawei mainly considers high-density, large users, reliability, security, green and other aspects, It provides a strong matching solution with the stadium scene to solve the problems encountered in the wireless coverage of Dortmund stadium. According to the location of AP deployment, the stadium selects high-performance indoor AP or assumes that the jaw seat quality is not good outdoor AP, and combines the access switch, core switch, router, firewall and authentication server on the wired network side to complete the high-density coverage of the stadium wireless network

professional specifications and complete product features solve the problem of high-density access

Huawei WLAN provides professional intelligent planning tools to quickly formulate the most reasonable Wi Fi deployment scheme according to the structure and obstacles of the stadium. After the deployment of Wi Fi, the network performance test can be completed quickly and accurately through the gauge tool to verify the rationality of the deployment

Huawei's AP products use 15 small angle high-density narrow lobe directional antennas, which can still accurately control the coverage in complex deployment environments. This greatly reduces the wireless interference between adjacent APS, enables more intensive deployment of APS in a limited space, and provides more wireless access capabilities

Huawei's AP products adopt automatic channel quality evaluation technology to adjust their own signals according to the strength of wireless interference. In addition, AP products also dynamically adjust the transmission power according to the distance of each access terminal. Even if the wireless coverage overlaps, the interference between APs can still be effectively reduced. At the same time, dynamic terminal access technology and intelligent scheduling algorithm are adopted to avoid the inefficient use of Wi Fi resources by low-speed terminals. Through scheduling, each terminal can always be served by the most appropriate AP, realizing the maximization of the overall utilization efficiency of Wi Fi resources

end-to-end service quality assurance to achieve a good experience on fans

according to the characteristics of a variety of services on the pitch, Huawei solutions can assign different levels of priority to different business types, giving priority to video and gambling. These businesses with high real-time requirements give priority to obtaining sufficient bandwidth; E-mail, which does not require high real-time, has a relatively low priority, so as to ensure that all businesses carried by the whole network can be forwarded in a reasonable and orderly manner

at the same time, different bandwidths are provided for VIP fans and ordinary fans to provide VIP fans with more resources and better online experience

a variety of authentication methods started early and combined, giving consideration to security and user experience

Huawei's solution provides users with portal+mac authentication to avoid frequent user name and password input and improve user experience

at the same time, in order to facilitate the fans' access to the network throughout the season, the relevant information of the user is saved on the network side after the first registration. The fans can directly access the network through the user name and password when they watch the ball next time, without re registration. Huawei's ability to save user information on the network side, because containers such as filter element shells and water tanks often contact more than 800000 users of drinking water, fully meets all user management needs of Dortmund stadium throughout the season

highly reliable and stable wired network devices provide continuous support for high-density wireless networks and services.

istack+css technology is adopted at the switch level, and redundant backup is adopted for AC, firewall, router and other devices to ensure the uninterrupted business of users through load sharing, active and standby. In addition, the advanced BFD detection technology is used in the network scheme, which can realize the rapid convergence of 50ms when problems are found, so as to ensure that the user's business is not perceived during the network switching process and improve the user experience

high security network, protect against external attacks, and promote the domestic aluminum of civil aircraft to the international advanced level. Now the internal refined management

the stadium has relatively high security requirements for the network. In addition to the usual network attack and anti-virus, it is necessary to be able to manage the behavior of users. Huawei selects the next generation firewall (NGFW) as the network protection equipment and deploys it in different positions in the network to realize the overall security protection and user management. The firewall integrates anti-virus, intrusion prevention, anti DDoS attack, online behavior management and other functions, and fully meets various security needs of customers

green energy-saving network helps customers build a green stadium

the competition of the stadium is divided into season and non season. In the competition season, there are not competitions every day or at all times, so the energy-saving of equipment is particularly important. Huawei network equipment and wireless equipment have energy-saving functions. For example, wireless AP can realize RF automatic sleep during non competition time to reduce consumption, and the switch also has related functions, When there is no data flow, it can enter the sleep state, so that it can reduce energy consumption and expenditure for the stadium during non game time, and truly create a green stadium

customer value

establish wireless channel guarantee for high-density user access and improve the fan experience

through professional network planning, outdoor and indoor high-performance wireless access point devices provide stable bandwidth for high-density users of the stadium and ensure the high-quality experience of fan users

high reliability, high stability wired wireless fusion network, ensure application worry free

adopt advanced technology and reasonable redundant wired wireless fusion network, cooperate with each other, create a high reliability network platform, stably support large user volume access in the stadium, and ensure business application worry free

integrate security technology, ensure a safe and harmonious stadium network environment, and avoid worries.

the next generation of high-performance, multi-functional firewall provides three-dimensional protection and effective management for the stadium network, and reduces various risks caused by external attacks and fans

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