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Huawei helps Gansu Provincial Information Center build "video communication on cloud"

Gansu Province has a special location and is the golden section of the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. It has broad space in promoting the development of the Silk Road and deepening cooperation in various fields. It is building three strategic platforms, namely, Lanzhou New Area, Dunhuang international cultural tourism city and China Silk Road Expo, as well as road interconnection, economic, trade and technological exchanges The six major projects of industrial docking and cooperation, new economic growth pole, people to people exchanges and cooperation, and strategic platform construction have been actively integrated into the strategic layout of the national the Belt and Road construction. ICT informatization construction has begun to become a production system serving the government, and has been paid more and more attention by governments at all levels. Gansu Provincial Information Center is a subordinate unit of the provincial development and Reform Commission. It completes the important work assigned by the provincial development and Reform Commission, coordinates and guides the planning, construction and operation and maintenance of the provincial, prefecture and county level economic information system, undertakes the National Information Center, and undertakes the construction, management and maintenance of the provincial, prefecture and county level e-government, and provides economic information services to the society

at present, with the rapid development of social economy, the informatization construction of Gansu provincial government has ushered in a climax of construction, and the business continues to develop rapidly. Cross regional office, communication, administrative meetings and business training between provincial government agencies and units at all levels and municipal government agencies and units, (District) county government agencies and units, and between municipal government agencies and units at all levels and government agencies and units at the (District) county level are also becoming more and more frequent. In order to ensure the rapid and efficient transmission of internal information, improve business management, work efficiency and emergency handling capacity for emergencies, some units began to build high-definition video conference system, realize the resource integration within the unit, improve the efficiency of collaborative office, and take the information construction to a higher level. However, the traditional video conference construction is carried out separately, some funds are invested repeatedly, the construction cost is high, resources cannot be uniformly dispatched and managed, and the collaborative office efficiency between different departments is low, which does not meet the needs of building a green, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and high-efficiency government

Huawei establishes a video conference government cloud platform covering the whole province

in order to improve the comprehensive application level of provincial government industry informatization and improve the efficiency of government work and operation, Gansu Provincial Information Center cooperates with Huawei and plans to build a set of video conference cloud platform relying on E-government outside Gansu Province. Huawei deployed a total of 15 devices of MCU vp9660, the industry's first fully adaptable and most powerful multipoint control unit, outside the provincial E-government, and established a high-definition video conference system covering 1 provincial central node, 14 city and state sub nodes, and 86 counties and districts in the province. At the same time, it also built a system that supports two-way 1080p60 frames, can be flexibly expanded, can be flexibly scheduled It is the first domestic video conference government cloud platform that can be easily accessed, and the material cost accounts for about 30% of the total cost. The centralized departments outside the government can reuse all conference resources in the platform to the greatest extent

after the completion of the system construction, Gansu Provincial Information Center has obtained multiple benefits:

end-to-end 6-fold redundant backup, and the system stability is beyond imagination: vp9660 can bring customers 6-fold backup mechanism, including n+1 machine, main control board, media board, port, chip, power supply, etc. through Huawei's leading MCU resource pool technology, 15 MCU in the system can be backed up to each other, and any MCU in the meeting fails, The system can automatically switch to other backup MCU in a few seconds to ensure the normal progress of the conference and get the ultimate conference experience

save 30% of the construction cost and build an energy-saving government: focus on building a set of video conference platform covering government units across the province. The centralized Department of e-government only needs to purchase certified and authorized HD terminals to access the video conference cloud platform, which saves expensive MCU resource investment and saves more than 30% of the construction cost

6.2 for the following experimental cases, the online speed of the business is less than 1/5 of the original, which improves the efficiency of the government: the construction of video conferences often cannot keep up with the development speed of government affairs. Relying on the video conference cloud platform outside e-government, the construction of video conferences can be completed online as soon as possible in one day, providing administrative meetings, emergency command, business training and other capabilities to government departments, and the online speed of business is less than 1/5 of the traditional

mcu port resource pool to meet the personalized needs of the government: government units at all levels have frequent meetings, and there is often a lack of resources for a single MCU, which is difficult to meet the needs of the government for meetings, but the actual number of cavities used depends on the productivity of the project. Video conference Yunping gymnasium acoustic design and measurement specification jgj/t 131 ⑵ 000 after the construction is completed, as long as there are enough MCU resources on the cloud platform, the meeting can be held, No longer worry about the lack of local MCU resources to hold an emergency meeting

the completion of the video conference cloud platform outside E-government has helped the government save construction costs, shorten the construction cycle, enhance communication and cooperation between governments at all levels, and become a booster for the construction of the new Silk Road fully connected economic belt in Gansu

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