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How to use Huawei honor/glory glory V9 Quantong big storage intelligence

how about Huawei honor/glory glory V9 Quantong big storage intelligence? Please refer to the following use evaluation comments:

first use experience: for not playing games, just chat and watch videos. 6GB storage seems to be of little use. After a few days of experience, The advantage is not very clear. It has a very wide speed regulation range and the moving distance of the beam, which largely determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber. The battery is not as used as advertised, and fast charging is quite fast. The reason for changing is that the glory 6p used before is a little stuck, and the touch screen is not very sensitive. We should not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process. However, the appearance is much better than the previous one. I wanted to buy glory 8, but I like the large screen. Finally, I chose this one, and the photos are also good. I'm not surprised but I'm not disappointed

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Huawei honor/glory V9 all pass big storage intelligence

Product Name: honor/glory V9 all pass

cpu model: Kirin 960

model: glory V9 all pass

body color: Aurora combines vegetables sub packed in several plastic bags into one blue (6GB) platinum light gold (6GB) magic night darkness (6GB) Magic flame.Red (6GB) Aurora blue (4GB) platinum light gold (4GB) Magic dark night (4GB)

running memory ram:4gb6gb

storage capacity: 64gb128gb

network mode: dual card multi-mode

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