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Huawei helped Nigeria's intercellular CDMA network transform to LTE broadband services

during the 2016 world mobile communication conference (MWC), Huawei and Nigeria's intercellular held a signing ceremony in Barcelona, Spain, and jointly announced that they had reached a strategic partnership on the transformation of CDMA network to LTE. Huawei will deploy 800m LTE network for intercellular to meet its strategic demands and the demand of Nigerian market for power spectral density curve (a) broadband service. 4. The power supply of the controller must be turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller

intercellular is a local CDMA operator in Nigeria. It is committed to using the most advanced communication technology to enable the Nigerian people to enjoy high-quality network services. Emad sukker, CEO of intercellular, said: Huawei is not only the world's leading equipment supplier of LTE technology, but also the best trusted partner. This LTE project cooperation between the two sides will help intercellular accelerate its transformation to LTE network and provide Nigerian people with faster and better network services

Emad sukker, CEO of intercellular in Nigeria (left), signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Feng Weixiong, President of Huawei's West African operator (right)

An Jian, President of Huawei's global wireless network market and solutions, said: Huawei is a leading ICT solution supplier in the world and has been committed to building a better all connected world. Focusing on customer focus, Huawei proposes to build a network centered on user experience. At the same time, Huawei adheres to the attitude of open cooperation with operators, and is committed to helping operators invest efficiently, build a fast, simple and intelligent network, and achieve the best end-to-end network experience. Huawei's products and services have gone to more than 17 domestic granulator manufacturers in more than 0 countries and regions around the world, and nearly one third of the world's population uses network services provided by Huawei

Emad sukker, CEO of intercellular in Nigeria (left), shook hands with Jian an, President of Huawei's global wireless network market and solutions (right)

Feng Weixiong, President of Huawei's West African operator, said that Huawei has been committed to providing the most competitive network services in Nigeria and actively promoting the development of LTE (4G) to meet the growing communication needs of the Nigerian people. Huawei has been the preferred partner of Nigerian operators. It has deployed about 20000 base stations in Nigeria, witnessed the growth of Nigerian mobile users from 27000 to 117million, and the penetration rate of mobile users increased from 0.02% to 83.7%. Together with operators, Huawei has promoted the rapid development of Nigerian communication market. With the demand of users' roads experience and the impact of the digital transformation of the global telecommunications industry, the development of LTE in Nigeria's communication market will further accelerate, and Huawei will be the preferred strategic partner for the digital transformation of operators

the strategic cooperation between Huawei and intercellular will further promote the development of the Nigerian LTE market, build LTE networks centered on user experience, and strive to provide the best network experience for the Nigerian people. This cooperation will accelerate the development of intercellular LTE broadband service and help intercellular successfully transform. The machine is mainly composed of drive system, transmission system, control system, high and low temperature experimental device, etc

so far, Huawei has deployed more than 200 LTE commercial networks, covering six continents and entering more than 140 capital cities and nine financial centers around the world

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