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Huawei helps the State Grid Corporation of China build first-class power distribution




aiming at the ubiquitous power IOT, Huawei helps the country build first-class power distribution

a new round of energy revolution marked by the large-scale development and utilization of new energy and taking re electrification as the root to open the oil delivery valve is developing in depth all over the world. At present, distribution of 10kV and below, as an important link in the transformation and development of energy, has become a key node of energy production and consumption

"in recent ten years, China's power distribution has achieved rapid development." Wang Peng of the power distribution Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute said that the power distribution in many urban core areas in China has reached the world-class level. However, from a national perspective, the overall development of power distribution is unbalanced and insufficient

distribution should bear both energy production and energy consumption. It should not only carry the two-way flow of energy, but also directly face customers and affect customer experience

how can we meet the needs of all levels at the same time

products that follow the trend and solutions for active response

as early as two years ago, Huawei has jointly invested in power distribution research and development with the deployment of China electric power academy, NARI Group and XJ Group. In August last year, Huawei jointly released a new type of intelligent distribution and transformation terminal with the China electric power academy, Shandong electric power company, Jiangsu electric power company, NARI Group and XJ Group

the new intelligent distribution transformer terminal adopts the design of "software defined terminal". The new flame-retardant material makes the ignition speed inside the cabin slower. Based on the open edge computing architecture, it can flexibly upgrade or add functions through software app, so that the power distribution has stronger resource allocation ability and faster demand response speed

in addition, the new intelligent distribution transformer terminal adopts Hisilicon dual core CPU, edge computing operating system, national chip security chip and special national secret algorithm

as an important part of the distribution IOT, the intelligent distribution and transformation terminal needs to fully consider the current situation and development trend of low-voltage distribution, so as to meet the needs of flexible and rapid development of distribution business and safe production. Wang Peng commented: "the new intelligent distribution and transformation terminal is based on the existing distribution IOT architecture, and its application functions can be freely expanded in an app based way.

in essence, the biggest change brought about by the intelligent distribution and transformation terminal is to change the original mode of production determining demand of distribution equipment from the mode of demand determining production." Up to now, this innovative product has been popularized and applied throughout the country. Because it can realize the plug and play and interconnection between devices, carry out localized comprehensive analysis and intelligent decision-making on all kinds of collected data, effectively support the business needs of power failure research and judgment, power distribution equipment state control, electric vehicle charging order control, customer high-quality service, and meet the requirements of comprehensive energy services, it is widely welcomed by users

according to Guo Hao, general manager of BG China Power Business Department of Huawei, Huawei's joint ecological partners have provided distribution IOT solutions for Jiangsu, Shandong and other places. This year, they will also continue to work with customers and partners to cooperate in the intelligent technology of distribution automation master station cloud and IOT, so its technical equipment is very advanced. All achievements will be fully implemented in five power distribution IOT demonstration areas in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Qingdao and Hangzhou

from seeing is believing in smart island to promoting intelligent development.

in the "Huawei China ecological partners conference 2019" smart experience Island, the "power +ai" exhibition area focuses on the key links of smart electricity, showing how ICT technology can help power enterprises transform from traditional electricity to intelligence and digitization, improve energy production efficiency, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of electricity. The smart applications jointly created by Huawei and its ecological partners are even more wonderful

in the field of power distribution, Huawei and the China Academy of electrical Sciences showed the end-to-end remote upgrade scenario: IOT intelligent communication unit upgrade and low-voltage terminal equipment upgrade. If we compare the cooperation between cetca and Huawei as a milestone, what Huawei provides at the bottom is more powerful computing power and infrastructure. On this basis, cetca has given greater play to the world's leading intelligent algorithms and generated real value for distribution data

in addition, Huawei also jointly demonstrated iot-g230mhz power wireless solutions with XJ, Nari, Huayun, Xinlian and Colin. They matched the needs of power business, created a 5g oriented iot-g230mhz solution based on 4.5g, and took the lead in introducing 5g key technologies such as air port fragmentation and grantfree, creating the best communication pipeline with strong anti-interference ability, low delay, low power consumption, easy evolution and other technical advantages

all these efforts are for the early realization of omnipotent intelligence

making ecological fertile soil and win-win intelligent era

power distribution is only a part of the ubiquitous power IOT. Industry analysts believe that this year will be the first year of ubiquitous power IOT investment. They predict that the annual investment of power companies will rise from the current 10 billion yuan to 40-60 billion yuan, the industry growth rate will be more than 50% every three years, and the orders of related companies will increase by 50% - 100% from this year

from the perspective of the pace and volume of benefits, the first to benefit is the national ICT Industrial unit with the comprehensive strength of the overall solution of ubiquitous power IOT; Secondly, there are power secondary equipment enterprises and related software enterprises that have been deeply involved in the field of power informatization for many years; Thirdly, it is the enterprises of sensor monitoring and related applications. Almost all of the leaders in these queues have cooperated with Huawei

in the face of different industry needs, Huawei hopes to make AI an accelerator for ecological collaboration by taking the initiative to respond. The focus in the power industry is the power IOT and industrial interconnection

Huawei believes that making a big cake is more important than making a big share, and management cooperation is more important than management competition. Thus, in 2019, Huawei's enterprise business strategy evolved from "platform + ecology" to "platform + AI + ecology", and the direction of ecological cooperation also evolved from "ecological cooperation" to "ecological collaboration"

standing at the entrance of the intelligent era, from "being integrated" to "Huawei inside", reflects Huawei's determination to make the base of Digital China, put the suspender on the framework of the horizontal experimental machine as the core of the digital world, and expand the cake to achieve multi win

Huawei regards ecological partners as a community of destiny in the intelligent era, and puts forward the "solution partner plan", which provides partners with a powerful "troika": digital platform, OpenLab, marketplace, and provides full process business support from joint solution development, verification, release, listing to sales, which makes it easier for everyone to create scenario solutions close to customers' business needs. At the same time, Huawei also released the methodology of industry digital transformation and the summary of Huawei's practice

Huawei expects to enhance the fertility and penetration of Huawei's ecological "black land" through differentiated policies, resource investment, and strengthening ecological operations of various partners in 2019, help Huawei's ecosystem achieve strategic coordination, resource coordination, and capability coordination, and finally realize the Legion war, and realize the win-win situation of customers, partners, and Huawei through sunshine cooperation

high spirited and enterprising joint partners continue to create new value

in this year's "Huawei China ecological partners conference 2019" power IOT forum, Guo Hao, general manager of BG China Power Business Department of Huawei, stressed: "with the maturity of AI, IOT, cloud computing and other technologies, the process of digitalization and intelligence has brought huge business opportunities to various industries. Huawei will continue to focus on customers, enable the digital transformation of the power industry, create value for customers, and achieve quality growth." The in-depth application of intelligent technology related to distribution IOT is expected to drive the upgrading and transformation of distribution related industries. Standing at the entrance of the new era of intelligence, we really need to think about the interaction between enterprises and society, and actively use the close relationship between them to achieve change. The ecosystem of co construction, CO governance and sharing makes people full of reverie

Wang Peng believes that the content of power distribution IOT is very rich and is still developing rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a healthy and efficient distribution IOT ecosystem

however, building the distribution IOT ecosystem must be a long-term process, and it requires multi-party participation and innovation of a healthy self-growth mechanism. While continuously solving a series of key technical problems, it also realizes the innovation of operation and management mode, so as to ensure the sustainable and rapid development of everyone in the ecosystem

only by starting from the demonstration project and building an ecosystem of power distribution IOT can we continue to achieve diversity and win-win results

now, everything is just the beginning

from an industrial perspective, relevant manufacturers need to change or upgrade to meet new needs. From the perspective of scientific research, the research space of distribution IOT is very large. Power distribution IOT has injected a new dimension into scientific research

people can look at the operation analysis management of analytical distribution from a new perspective, and conduct innovative re carding and re analysis of the original application theory

of course, this will also be an era for Huawei to work together with ecological partners to create more possibilities, from "improving power supply quality" to "green power consumption", and then to value exploration in more fields. It is believed that on the road of building intelligent power distribution, together with industry-leading ecological partners, they will surely produce more fruits


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