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Huawei helps the construction of cloud vision cloud video system

with the continuous deepening of the construction of IAAs and PAAS in China and the continuous development of 4G communication technology, vcaas (video as a service) business has become a hot new business model. Hangzhou Yunji Vision Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengyun Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., is a high-tech innovative enterprise that constantly explores and innovates business models in the field of video cloud services. The company is committed to becoming a leading commercial video collaboration service provider, providing small and medium-sized enterprises and industry customized customers with on-demand rental, pay as you go, ready-made video communication services like tap water

in order to achieve the above functions and maintain a leading position in the industry, cloud vision plans to cooperate with the industry's top provider of audio and video codec core capabilities and hardware video conferencing video manufacturers to jointly build a fully softened video service platform based on the public cloud

accurately locate customer concerns

in the early stage of construction, cloud vision made a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system and environment through careful research, and believed that the following are the three elements they are most concerned about:

the overall system should have the industry's leading and stable audio and video codec capability, especially to meet the high-quality audio and video experience in the environment of low bandwidth and high packet loss in the Internet

the whole system is highly open and can support the special needs of customers in different industries, including interface embedding, ad domain integration, web page membership and other functions. SDK interface must be provided for later customization

as an operation level system, it must have a high cost performance ratio, maintain a low cost while meeting the common functions and scenarios of customers, reduce the overall investment in platform construction, and do not lag behind other cloud video platform competitors in business

Huawei's high-definition video solution helps cloud vision

after several rounds of program exchanges and product testing, Huawei has designed a cloud video platform solution with strong performance, industry-leading, open integration and high cost performance for cloud vision by virtue of a new generation of excellent high-definition video codec technology, combined with more than 20 years of industry accumulation, which meets the business demands and challenges of cloud vision:

1 Through the patented sec3.0 and VME technology, we can realize the conference communication ability in the ultra-low bandwidth and complex network environment

for the Internet cloud video operation, in the complex Internet network, the bandwidth is limited, and the network quality is variable, Huawei has developed a proprietary sec3.0 super packet loss based on the h.264-hp video codec protocol widely used in the industry. 3. According to the friction pair, it is divided into ball disk friction and wear tester and VME image intelligent compression optimization technology, Realize the directional optimization of Internet cloud video operation

Huawei's vme+h.264hp dual core processing technology, end-to-end, effectively enhances video quality and achieves a clearer sensory effect that is more in line with human eye comfort. At the same time, at least 50% of the bandwidth is saved, and the minimum 384k bandwidth (per screen) of 720p and 512k bandwidth (per screen) of 1080p are achieved

this technology can not only ensure the good interoperability between the cloud video platform and other manufacturers in the industry under the same standard (h.264hp), but also be compatible with a large number of traditional baseline profile systems

high quality transmission under low bandwidth

in view of the lack of QoS guarantee for the public, Huawei's unique sec3.0 super packet loss resistant processing technology can still ensure smooth video in an environment with a packet loss rate of 20%; IRC intelligent speed regulation technology is adopted to dynamically adjust the video conference bitstream bandwidth to ensure the optimal audio and video experience; Super strong anti network jitter ability, up to 1000ms, to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting

2. Rich SDK interfaces and open terminal platforms can quickly realize customized deployment of customers.

due to business needs, cloud vision needs to face a large number of industry customers with different customized needs and normal key operation. In addition to basic interface modification, it also includes the interoperability between video communication and enterprise OA, the integration with existing enterprise apps, and the integration with enterprise production business systems, which contain a large amount of development workload

in terms of the selection of cloud hardware video terminals, the te1020 provided by Huawei for cloud vision is the same hardware terminal as PHB made of bacteria. It adopts Android system, which can pre install customer apps, install commonly used Android Software, and expand the function of digital TV set-top box

in terms of cloud software terminal selection, Huawei te series software terminals provide rich SDK interfaces. Customers can integrate the core capabilities of te software terminal video codec into the original web page, OA, IM chat software according to different application methods and presentation methods, so as to realize the rapid deployment of customized software

3. The operation level terminal developed for the operation level market realizes the organic combination of high-quality conference experience and high cost performance.

cloud video, as an operation level system, focuses on the small and medium-sized enterprise market, so it focuses on two key points: 1 High quality conference experience; 2. Relatively low price; For traditional video conferencing products, these two points are like the two ends of the rocker, which cannot achieve the best of both worlds. The te1020 te30v terminal designed by Huawei for the operation level market is tailored to the use environment of the small and medium-sized enterprise market on the basis of high-quality audio and video image experience, reducing redundant interfaces and cumbersome functions, and achieving a perfect balance between experience and price

Huawei TE10 20 30V adopts an integrated design, integrating the lens, microphone and codec host, which is convenient for deployment and maintenance. At the same time, it is optimized for the dual stream and dual display functions commonly used in the commercial market. It can support the sharing of computer images in the form of WiFi, support dual HDMI output, meet the common TV display mode in the current conference room, and support remote configuration import and locking, Cloud vision can realize the remote device management like the customized machine of current communication operators, monitor the status of hardware terminals in real time, and improve the quality of service

customer voice

Huawei cloud video solutions, especially cloud based video conferencing terminals and software SDKs, have greatly solved the technical difficulties when we customized video applications to the industry, provided us with high-quality encoding and decoding capabilities, and realized the rapid delivery of our products

-- Wang Liangke, marketing director of cloud vision

with the creation of Huawei's leading cloud video HD solution, cloud vision has built a cloud video platform with the most advanced technology, the most extensive openness and the highest cost performance in the industry. At the same time, it also provides a good reference for the future construction of cloud based audio and video, Im full integration platform

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