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Huawei helps the Asia Pacific's largest telemarketing call center operate efficiently Ping An insurance call center Ping An insurance is the first comprehensive financial service group in China with insurance as its core, integrating securities, trust, banking, asset management, enterprise annuity and other diversified financial businesses. Ranked 242 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2012, it is the second largest life insurance and property insurance company in China

Ping An insurance has the largest scale of marketing business, with more than 20000 seats and 41000 telephone staff focusing on marketing business. At present, the construction of Ping An telemarketing call center system is distributed in Shanghai and Shenzhen if the change-over switch is set to "fast back", and the salesperson is distributed in Neijiang, Shenyang, Xi'an, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha and other workplaces

challenges faced by customers

with the rapid growth of marketing business, the original system is increasingly experiencing application bottlenecks, which are manifested in:

1) unable to support the large-scale growth of the number of seats: Ping An insurance telemarketing business is expanding rapidly, and the call center has grown to tens of thousands of seats in just one year. The original system uses small platform stacking, and its performance is tested, and downtime accidents often occur

2) unable to meet the requirements of flexible business changes: the insurance business is developing and changing rapidly, and the workplace needs to be adjusted flexibly frequently, which requires that the seat traffic system needs centralized control, flexible adjustment, and rapid expansion. The compressive strength of the strip is expressed by the arithmetic mean of the compressive strength of three specimens. The small platform stacking scheme is difficult to manage centrally, and the traffic agent adjustment needs to be rewired, which is very difficult to implement. The original system migration needs to be prepared 30 days in advance, and the launch of new products is affected

3) single function can not meet the needs of production management: due to system constraints, the business functions required by key roles such as seats, team leaders, and duty managers can not be met. A lot of repetitive work needs to be done manually, which is inefficient


for the needs of Ping An, the solutions provided by Huawei include: a basic voice platform based on large capacity (which can be smoothly expanded to 20000 seats), and a dual center solution group. All workplace seats are connected to the voice platform by IP, and internal access is used to reduce communication costs. Customize and develop seat application, team leader application and site manager application dedicated to insurance telemarketing, and integrate with Ping An CRM system in a pure Web way. Customers finally choose Huawei solutions, mainly considering the following three reasons:

1) capacity capacity of super large capacity call center

Huawei call center can be smoothly expanded to 20000 seats at a single point of scale, which is in line with the intensive and large-scale business ideas of Ping An insurance

2) excellent performance of peak stress test

Huawei call center has withstood the harsh pre launch high-capacity peak stress test of Ping An insurance, and is the first and only manufacturer that has not crashed under the peak stress test. Ping An stress test method: more than 1000 telephone operators all sit down, send instructions through the loudspeaker, check in, dial, call, move out, and the instant impact is very huge

3) good customer demand customization ability

fully investigate and develop the application functions of the core roles such as seats, team leaders and site managers dedicated to insurance telemarketing for Ping An customization. Agent application: maintain the original operating habits, and can log in and work at any location. Call records and recorded texts at any location and at any number 6. Cooler: pieces can be stored uniformly, and a single entry can be used to call, query and statistical analysis. Only one account/password/login is required. Team leader application: Based on a unified display interface, manage the communication of all the operators under the name (even across regions), and implement monitoring/review/real-time monitoring/post monitoring of operator calls and recordings. Site manager application: get the KPI indicators related to each team call in real time, and manage the team call data in multiple remote regions. Based on the comparison and analysis of the overall interface, find an effective way to improve efficiency

customer ldquo; It is impossible to limit the output of the whole industry like coal. Household value

1) help Ping An significantly reduce communication costs. The call center agent is based on the all IP scheme, which saves half of the communication costs in the remote workplace group

2) help Ping An greatly improve labor efficiency. The customized agent application seamlessly integrates with Ping An's existing CRM, retains the original habit of the agent, and reduces 4 operations compared with the original system. Each pass can save 10 seconds and improve the efficiency by 13%. The feedback from the monitor is very easy to use

3) help Ping An quickly occupy the market. Huawei call center realizes the unified management of resources, the arbitrary login of agents, the automatic adjustment of traffic, and the automatic adaptation of traffic to the relocation of the workplace. The response time for seat relocation was reduced from 30 days to 1 day The improvement of relocation speed provides a basic guarantee for Ping An's new channel to launch business before its competitors and quickly occupy the market for business development

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