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Huawei helps Norway evry build an "timeless" data center SDN network

evry originated

Norway is located in the beautiful land of northern Europe, where winter is long and cold, and ice and snow cover all the year round. It is the main center of glaciers in the European continent. Here, the unpredictable mysterious Aurora flashes, and the holy church that touches the sky stands; Here, you can listen to the myth of Thor and imagine the fairy kingdom of mermaids

▲ the beautiful scenery of northern Europe

in Norway's more than 50 years of it history, with the development of IT outsourcing, more than 70 public or private IT companies and data centers (such as Norway post, Telenor, DNB, etc.) have been centrally integrated, and as EDB, IDA, landbruksdata, kommunedata, Norsk informasjonsteknologi (NIT), fellesdata have appeared, Novit and other companies. In the fierce competition in the market, with the integration of resource advantages, evry, a northern European giant, has gradually emerged

▲ evry has a long history of development

evry is the largest IT service provider in Norway and the second largest in northern Europe, accounting for 32% of the market share in Norway. It mainly provides business consulting, industry solutions and it infrastructure rental. Do you know what horizontal tensile testing machines are? Its business covers more than 50 cities in northern Europe, serving more than 4 million users in northern Europe every day. Evry currently has 18 traditional data centers serving more than 14000 high-quality customers, including Norwegian post, Statoil, DNB, Norway's largest bank, and Telenor, a Norwegian telecommunications company

with the popularity of cloud computing, cloud rental business has developed rapidly. The traditional ICT business in northern Europe has developed slowly (only 2%), while the cloud business has developed rapidly (with an average annual growth of more than 30%). The survey shows that more than 45% of enterprise customers are also looking for better technical means to reduce it costs and better use experience. Cloud services can not only effectively reduce the it cost of enterprise users, but also improve the user experience. There is no doubt that cloud services will become a new growth point in the ICT market

as the second largest ICT service provider in northern Europe, evry is also seeking to transform to a cloud service provider. To this end, evry needs to:

build a data center with a new architecture to provide fast and flexible cloud services for a large number of users to enhance operational competitiveness

the cloud data center is used to support the rapid online, offline and migration of multi tenant businesses, making operation and maintenance simple and efficient and reducing costs

achieve a certain degree of tenant business and network on-demand self-service, and improve the user experience

challenges faced by evry in the process of transformation

evry now has 18 high-quality object system data centers that can be used for 3D printing, recyclable and solvent resistant at low cost. Due to historical reasons, each data center has different architectures and low scalability, which is difficult to support the development of new businesses; Moreover, the data center is decentralized, which cannot unify the operation and maintenance management, and the operation and maintenance cost is high; In addition, it is difficult for customer businesses to migrate between different data centers/servers, resulting in the inability of effective business integration and user experience guarantee

therefore, evry decided to build three new future proof cloud data centers to incorporate the businesses of the existing 18 data centers, and adopt business automation solutions to reduce operation and maintenance costs. The newly built cloud data center faces the following challenges:

first, the new data center is positioned to provide industrial cloud services for a large number of tenants. BDO manufacturers who need to support more than 4K 10 Gigabit servers/pod are currently working hard to develop and produce bio based BDO products, high-density server access requirements, support the business of more than 14000 high-quality customers, and also have the ability of elastic expansion to support the expansion of the massive cloud business market, Therefore, the new data center needs an efficient and flexible multi tenant network

secondly, the new data center network needs to have the application-oriented network automation ability, greatly shorten the business online cycle, from the previous few weeks to the hour level, and effectively improve the user experience level; At the same time, it can cope with the operation, maintenance and configuration of a large number of network devices (280+ switches/pod), improve the operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce the operation and maintenance cost

finally, there are millions of business strategies currently supporting user business. With the change of user business, business changes need to be adjusted synchronously and quickly, that is, the unified adjustment of millions of business strategies; In addition, the same network carries a large number of tenant businesses, which need to be specially managed for different tenant networks and businesses. Therefore, the data center needs to have a refined operation and maintenance capability for tenant networks to improve the user experience

Huawei helps evry build a multi tenant cloud data center SDN network

evry multi tenant cloud data center network. Using Huawei's agile data center SDN scheme, it can provide fast and flexible cloud services for a large number of multi tenants, effectively support the rapid online, offline and migration of multi tenant businesses, realize self-service for tenant businesses and networks, and help businesses realize rapid migration across server areas/data centers, Ensure a consistent experience when customer business changes

in the network control layer, through Huawei agile controller, evry realizes application-oriented network automation, supporting the rapid launch of business hours; At the same time, realize the refined network operation and maintenance for tenants, and realize the unified visual control of physical and virtual networks; In addition, the controller is compatible with the mainstream open architecture, which can support customers to customize the network on demand

at the basic network layer, Huawei cloud engine hardware switching platform builds a hardware vxlan scheme for evry, which is compatible with the mainstream virtualization platforms in the industry, and realizes the unified hosting and heterogeneous groups of VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V and other virtual platforms; At the same time, the high-performance hardware platform provides 40ge high-speed interconnection for the network to build an extensible network suitable for business development

▲ Huawei cloud data center SDN scheme

this scheme has the following advantages:

first, business driven network automation to achieve business minute level online

evry before the deployment of multi tenant cloud data center SDN network, its tenant business distribution takes weeks, and the strategy deployment is complex. The tenant strategy needs to be manually configured on multiple discrete devices, and because the business is seriously coupled with the existing equipment of different manufacturers, Tenant business migration is difficult

the new data center adopts graphical business arrangement, and uses normalized and graphical business language to define network strategy, which is easier to arrange; Use agile controller to automatically convert business language into network configuration to realize tenant network automation; The decoupling of application and physical network is used to realize the smooth migration of business and the rapid adjustment of strategy

▲ network automation, business minute level launch

II. Refined operation and maintenance: layer by layer visualization, release the operation and maintenance ability

Huawei data center SDN scheme enables visual automation operation, supports three-layer visualization and resource mapping of application network, logical network and physical network, quantifies and intuitively monitors and counts resources at each layer, and assigns different use permissions for different user roles to achieve layered and hierarchical visualization

at the same time, agile controller can also realize refined network operation and maintenance, such as end-to-end business path visualization, which can break the virtual network operation and maintenance black box, realize the VM level forwarding path visualization, and realize the unified operation and maintenance of physical and virtual networks

identify VM to VM paths through real business packet detection. When the mutual visits between VMS are abnormal, agile controller realizes the path detection from VM to VM with the cooperation of cloud engine switch; By collecting the delay and packet loss data of the path related nodes, the agile controller can automatically identify the faulty equipment, realize rapid network fault location, and greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency

▲ network layer by layer visualization, refined operation and maintenance

third, the open controller architecture is adopted to realize easy network definition and network function expansion

Huawei agile controller is based on the mainstream controller architecture in the industry, and is open at multiple levels. It can cooperate with many third-party platforms, network equipment manufacturers, controllers, etc., so that customers can define and expand functions based on their own business network

the first is standard measurement and visualization: the standard north-south interface is adopted to provide dynamic scheduling of network resources, so as to realize the visibility of the whole resource and traffic

followed by intelligent fault location: fast fault location based on big data and intelligent doctors

the third is active operation and maintenance: traffic optimization, capacity planning, configuration change

▲ agile controller open architecture

IV. use hardware vxlan+40ge interconnection to build a high-performance scalable network

the hardware vxlan network using Huawei cloud engine series switches uses cloud engine 12800 as the vxlan switch, which can effectively improve the server forwarding performance compared with the software vxlan scheme, and can support multi tenant networks up to 16m to meet the needs of elastic expansion; Cloud engine series tor switches are used as vxlan forwarding nodes, which not only provide high-performance vxlan forwarding capabilities, but also enable heterogeneous groups of multiple virtual computing platforms, meeting evry's current requirements for unified group standards of multiple virtual computing platforms (VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.)

at the same time, the core and access switch are interconnected through 40ge to meet the business development needs of the data center in the next five years

▲ vxlan high-performance scalable network

Customer Value

Huawei's agile data center SDN solution helps evry realize the smooth migration of tenant business and the unified and rapid adjustment of million level business strategy through the decoupling of application and physical network. At the same time, it provides refined operation and maintenance means for tenant network, making the provision of cloud services more intuitive and efficient

automatic deployment: the normalized and graphical business language is used to define the network strategy, which is easy to arrange the business; Agilecontroller automatically converts business language into network configuration to realize tenant network automation; The application is decoupled from the physical network, the business is smoothly migrated, and the strategy is quickly adjusted

elastic fabric: Hardware vxlan+40ge interconnection, building an extensible network suitable for business development; It can be extended to 16m multi tenancy to meet the growing needs of evry tenants

refined operation and maintenance: Tenant network visibility based on tenants and applications, releasing the operation and maintenance capacity; The real business path is visible, and the fault location is fast

▲ evry scheme value

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