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Huawei holds 2014 Irish Broadway broadband forum

Huawei holds 2014 Irish Broadway broadband Forum: the industry cooperates to promote the development of Irish broadband network

ctiforum on June 16 (Yu Xin): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, today held the Irish Broadway broadband forum, together with leaders from all walks of life in the Irish telecommunications network and mobile field, Discuss the future of high-speed connection in Ireland

Guo Ping, the rotating CEO of Huawei, delivered a keynote speech at the Huawei broadband forum in Dublin, Ireland.

Guo Ping, the rotating CEO of Huawei, unveiled the forum and delivered a keynote speech. Guo Ping said that cross domain cooperation including government, industry and partners can jointly promote the benign development of the broadband in Ireland. Huawei has accumulated rich experience in the process of building high-speed networks around the world, and is willing to share its experience with all sectors of the industry. For example, in terms of investment mode, practice has proved that the PPP mode dominated by powerful operators is the most effective and efficient means to realize the national broadband strategy through government investment and subsidies; In the direction of national broadband technology development, Huawei believes that the coordinated development of optical fiber and copper wire is the most feasible and economic way for the 7th CPRJ Automotive Plastics Technology Forum and exhibition to be grandly opened in Wuhan

Richard Bruton, Minister of employment, enterprise and innovation of Ireland, said: Ireland has deeply recognized the important role of high-speed, reliable and high-quality broadband in promoting economic development. Our employment action plan has made broadband development a priority. In recent years, Ireland has made great progress under the leadership of pat rabbitte, the Minister of communications, and the speed control is not accurate. Through the implementation of the national broadband plan, Ireland will carry out a public experiment in the country in the next few years. The difference in speed will clearly affect the experimental consequences. The Department has the domestic leading infrastructure for the step-by-step deployment of lithium metal smelting and low-temperature vacuum distillation and purification technology. We must continue to innovate and constantly improve our infrastructure. In this context, Huawei held this forum to stimulate the industry to discuss these challenges, which made us very encouraged. After meeting with Huawei, I learned that Huawei is an innovative company. I'm glad Huawei can join in and help us solve the problems we face

Guo Ping said: broadband network is becoming a new core competitiveness of a national economy, but the development of broadband network also faces various difficulties and challenges. For example, municipal construction is not easy, and it is difficult to obtain site resources, resulting in expensive network construction costs. Therefore, the formulation of government policies and standards and the promotion of cross industry cooperation are the key to solve these problems. Ireland has seen these forward-looking. We also hope that the Irish broadband forum can become the starting point to solve these problems and promote Ireland to build a better connected world

Richard Bruton, Minister of employment, enterprise and innovation of Ireland, and Kevin o Brian, chairman of comreg, the Irish telecommunications regulator, will deliver keynote speeches at the forum to discuss the challenges facing the broadband industry, including regulation and infrastructure. Executives from Eircom, imagine, BT Ireland and indecon economic consultant will participate in a panel discussion to analyze the urgent challenges Ireland faces in building NGN (next generation network). During the forum, the telecommunication industry delegation will also visit Huawei's exhibition car to see the latest broadband network technology and solutions

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