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Shunyuan new product: speed pulse signal isolation transmitter ic

isos-p-o series isolation transmitter is a hybrid integrated circuit that isolates and converts the speed sensor signal, sine wave, sawtooth wave signal or weak waveform signal into a square wave signal completely consistent with the input frequency. The product integrates a group of multi-channel highly isolated dc/dc power supplies, a high-performance signal isolator and signal amplification and shaping circuit on the same chip. It is especially suitable for isolating and converting speed, sine wave and other signals into standard square wave pulse signals. At present, it is widely used in automobile speed measurement and automobile ABS anti lock braking system

the high-efficiency DC-DC integrated in the isos-p-o chip can generate multiple groups of isolated power supplies to supply power to the internal input amplification circuit and modulation circuit, and the output demodulation circuit and regulations will officially implement the power supply of conversion circuit and shaping circuit on march25,2015. SMD process structure and new technical isolation measures enable the device to achieve 3000 VDC three isolation for power supply and signal input/output. It can also meet the requirements of industrial wide temperature, humidity and vibration on site. The isos-p-o series isolation transmitter is very convenient to use. It can realize the isolation and transmission of speed sensor signals without other external components

product features:

● for example, to strengthen the development of core technologies and key components of medical devices, speed sensor signal direct input, square wave signal output

● sine wave and sawtooth wave signal input, square wave signal output

● amplification and shaping of 200mV peak weak signal

● maintain the original signal frequency and fast response

● power supply and signal: input/output 3000vdc three isolation

● auxiliary power supply: 5V 12V, 15V or 24V DC single power supply

● low cost, ultra small volume, no adjustment, easy to use, high reliability

● standard sip12pin conforms to UL94V-0 flame retardant package

● industrial temperature range: -45~+85 to win greater success ℃

typical applications:

● speed sensor signal isolation Acquisition and transformation

● locomotive running speed measurement

● automobile ABS anti lock braking system

● speed signal amplification and shaping

● ground wire interference suppression

● motor speed monitoring system

● CNC machine tool spindle speed measurement and alarm monitoring

● signal distortion free transmission and transmission

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