The most popular new products developed by Zhejian

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Through independent innovation, Zhejiang Xinfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. has continuously researched and developed new products using test results to improve the scientific and technological content of products, so that people have their own products and people have their own advantages, so that the market share of products continues to expand. At present, Zhejiang Xinfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. has developed into an agricultural special paper production enterprise with the most complete product varieties and the largest output in China

according to Wang Jian, deputy general manager of Xinfeng company, the ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor, the single-layer high shading composite bag developed this year is the first in the domestic fruit bagging paper industry. Due to the use of composite technology, the shading layer in the original double-layer bagging paper has been eliminated, the anti-aging ability has been improved, and the production cost has been reduced by 25%. Therefore, the sales of new products have expanded rapidly. At present, 1000 tons of trial production have been sold out

innovation is the magic weapon for the continuous growth of enterprises. Wang Jian said that since 2007, in order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, the company has greatly increased the scientific research funds for research and development of new products. In just over two years, the company has developed bagging paper for more than 30 varieties of fruits, such as grapes, Hongti, Fuji, pomegranate, etc., so that the company's products cover all fruit bags in China. From January to May this year, the enterprise produced 4600 tons of fruit bag paper, a year-on-year increase of 50%

this year, Zhejiang Xinfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. has invested 30million yuan to expand three new lines for producing too much oxide skin on the basis of six production lines, striving to increase the company's production capacity from 13000 tons this year to 18000 tons, so as to occupy a greater market share

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