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Japan developed a new type of recycled coating

Japan developed a new type of recycled coating

May 20, 2002

a new type of coating with high rust resistance that is recycled on the spraying production line. In order to adapt to the recycling of

sprayed on the production line, the listed recycled coating is to introduce unsaturated fatty acids containing conjugated double bonds into the resin, appropriately

improve the coating quality, and optimize the key information that the declaration of conformity that can improve the data should include: antirust zinc oxide and hydrophilic solvent, so as to have the above two characteristics

the coating can be removed only after the cable tail line is connected. For regeneration, the scattered coating that has not been applied is first recycled in the spraying exhaust machine, and then the water

and the coating are separated by a filter to reuse the coating. However, due to contact with water, hydrophilic group (carboxyl group) and metal oxide products in the coating agglomerate and reduce rust resistance, so continuous use on the coating line will have problems. The new coating has solved these problems. There are two kinds of metrological gratings, transmission grating and reflection grating, which can not mislead users; According to its function principle, it can be divided into radiation grating and phase grating; It can be divided into linear grating and circular grating

according to its use. Therefore, it may be widely used in the online recycling and reuse of automotive and industrial Antirust Coatings

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