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Zhejiang: the new regulations call for the suspension of luxury packaged moon cakes

although it is still more than two months away from this year's Mid Autumn Festival, it has entered the peak of moon cake production, especially the moon cake packaging that has attracted much attention in recent years is in the packaging design and production stage. Recently, the author learned from Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision that Zhejiang Province will strictly implement the new mandatory national standard for moon cakes this year, strictly limit the "over packaging" of moon cakes, avoid the appearance of "sky high" moon cakes, reduce the sales price of moon cakes, and further standardize the moon cake market

 it is understood that the national standard for three boxes of moon cake mandatory equipment to make the foam more uniform and delicate than that at room temperature and easy for construction and production: high temperature area, low temperature area and test area was issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standards Commission on September 5 last year and will be implemented on June 1 this year. This standard is the first national standard in China to make mandatory provisions on product packaging

"developed countries have already implemented the standard, which is strictly implemented by the quality supervision department of Zhejiang Province, and put forward three mandatory requirements for the packaging of moon cakes. For the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator, first, the packaging cost shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes; Second, the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed the relevant provisions; Third, deoxidizers and preservatives should not directly contact moon cakes. At the same time, in the past, some moon cake manufacturers only marked the commodity names such as "Chang'e flying to the moon" and "eight stars accompanying the moon" on the packaging without marking the product attributes. The standard requires that the product attribute names, such as "Cantonese lotus seed paste", must be marked on the moon cake packaging, and the specific names of each filling used should be marked

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