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New product featured packaging enters the catering industry (Part 1)

convenient and practical products have increasingly become a sharp weapon for various enterprises to compete for the profits of restaurants and catering services

1983, Carolyn and Rachel Collins began to make great lakes salmon and salmon caviar in their own kitchen in crystal lake, Illinois. Although users can also choose the type of equipment controlled by computers. They have developed a series of unique and creative different flavors and smoked caviar for their traditional products. In 1998, another unique product was introduced: caviar Cr 巑 e spread (TM). It is made of two flavors of caviar mixed with creamy cheese of lobster roe scallions and citron caviar chive smoked caviar

now, Collins caviar has introduced a new innovative product to ensure that the clamping unit and test plate are fixed in this position: caviar Cr è me spread packed in a disposable transparent plastic extrusion bag that is easy to use. The 24 ounce product in the bag also includes a convenient and professional extrusion nozzle. The product is easier to use after freezing. Four bags of products can be put in a box and can be kept in the refrigerator for several months without deterioration. We also invested in an offshore wind power facility. After it is opened, the shelf life in the freezer is 2-3 weeks less. The product is packaged in the new Collins caviar factory in Michigan City, Illinois, and the price of a box is about $75. Phillips foods of Baltimore is the main distributor of Collins' products. Collins' products, like other Phillips' products, are sold all over the United States

caviarcr é me spread in pre filled extruded bags

convenient and delicious concentrated chicken soup

founded in South San Francisco in 2003, savory creations international has developed a series of concentrated chicken soup for catering companies and the industry, including 20x (20:1) soup; 100x chicken soup dough and 100x chicken soup powder. Now, the company has just introduced the 20x concentration chicken soup packed in pillow bags developed for the retail market. Each bag contains 12 grams of concentrated chicken soup, which can make a cup of original chicken soup. There are 12 bags of such products in the retail packaging carton, and the price is $5 to $6. This hot filling product is contracted and packaged by a professional company in Northern California

the design structure of the bag originated from Japan. The five layer composite structure composed of pet and aluminum foil can effectively block oxygen and heat, and will not react with chicken soup. "Cans and plastic bottles will affect the taste of most meat and its soup, especially chicken," said Douglas Takizawa, the company's director of flavor innovation, "The delicious taste and aroma are easily affected by the existing filling process and materials. The soup will directly enter the metal and react with it, resulting in changes in color and taste. Like cans and plastic bottles, this bag can resist oxygen and other gases that affect product quality and shelf life, but its performance is 50 times stronger than the latter."

takizawa emphasized that another quality of the product is "clean label". That is to say, products composed of natural ingredients do not contain synthetic or chemical additives that have a negative impact on health. "We do not use MSG, HVPS or other additives. Because our products have a strong chicken flavor, we no longer need to add synthetic flavor enhancers." He said

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