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Shenzhen welcomes Luoyang Co., Ltd. new product promotion conference

the solutions to the four situations in Luoyang are as follows: restart the new product promotion sponsored by controller Glass Co., Ltd. kelcai, Poland, organized a group to participate in this exhibition, which was grandly held in Shenzhen Ruiji hotel recently. At the promotion meeting, Luoyang Glass launched new products of 0.33mm, 0.4mm ultra-thin electronic float glass and 0.6mm, 0.7mm ultra-thin white float glass. Maliyun, general manager of China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Luoyang Glass Co., Ltd., nizhisen, general manager of Luoyang Glass Co., Ltd., and other sponsor leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Anhui Fangxing Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Bengbu Huayi conductive film glass Co., Ltd., Wuhu Changxin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Laibao High Tech Co., Ltd., Shenzhen CSG Display Technology Co., Ltd More than 20 users and media including Foxconn Group Hongda photoelectric glass Co., Ltd., Dongguan yintefeng photoelectric glass technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Samsung Products Co., Ltd. attended the promotion meeting

maliyun said in his speech that the new product promotion conference of 0.33mm, 0.4mm ultra-thin electronic float glass and 0.6mm, 0.7mm ultra-white ultra-thin float glass held by Luoyang Glass is a grand event to show the society the technological innovation achievements of ultra-thin float glass process, and also set up a good exchange platform for electronic glass processing enterprises and users. The 13 year growth course of Lobo's ultra-thin glass industry has grown step by step with the attention of friends from all walks of life and the trust and support of processing enterprises and dealers

2007, China National Building Materials Corporation, one of the world's top 500, became the actual controller of lobo, bringing new opportunities for its development. CNBM group's corporate culture of "making good use of resources and serving construction" and "innovation enables our after-sales personnel to guide you on installation, performance, harmony" has injected new vitality and expanded broad development space for Lobo to accelerate the implementation of transformation and upgrading, adjust product structure, serve national construction, and revitalize national industry. In 2001, Lobo broke the monopoly of foreign technology and took the lead in building a domestic leading float ultra-thin production line with independent intellectual property rights. After that, through continuous scientific and technological research and development and technical breakthrough, the second enhanced ultra-thin line and the domestic leading ultra-thin white production line were put into operation. The float ultra-thin process technology and products have continuously broken the monopoly of foreign manufacturers on the Chinese market, filling the gap in the domestic glass industry for many times, It has realized the leap of China's float glass technology and products from the traditional field to the electronic field, promoted the rapid development of China's electronic display industry, and promoted the progress of China's float glass technology. The complete set of technology and key equipment for ultra-thin float glass in the industrial production, development and application of electronic glass won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress for strict regulations on the operation from raw materials to employees

13 years, Lobo brand ultra-thin glass has grown from 1.1mm to 0.4mm and 0.33mm; From 1.0mm to 0.7mm and 0.6mm, ultra-white ultra-thin glass has approached the foreign advanced level in terms of variety, thickness, size, performance and quality. The products are widely used in liquid crystal displays, touch screens, precision optical instruments, substrates for medical and chemical detection, 3D glasses, solar cell substrates, high-end automotive glass, and other fields. The products have been widely recognized by the market and have largely replaced imports. The market share has increased year by year. Among them, the domestic market share of STN grade ultra-thin glass for electronic industry has reached 70%, It has become the largest production base of ultra-thin electronic float glass in China

at the promotion meeting, domestic electronic glass processing enterprises and users gathered together to exchange and share their experience in the use and processing of Lobo electronic glass among manufacturers and merchants, and highly praised Lobo's contribution to China's electronic industry. The participants agreed that it was the continuous innovation of Lobo glass in the process technology and products of ultra-thin glass that broke the market and price monopoly of foreign manufacturers on China's ultra-thin electronic substrate glass, ended the era of huge profits of imported products, greatly reduced the procurement costs of electronic glass processing enterprises, promoted the rapid development of China's electronic glass industry, and made outstanding contributions to the development of the national glass industry

Lobo said at the promotion meeting that over the years, users have walked with lobo, established unbreakable cooperative relations with each other, and become good partners and friends, which is the driving force for Lobo to move forward. Through this meeting, we know Lobo better, trust Lobo more, approach Lobo further and hold hands with Lobo. Lobo said that the sincere opinions and suggestions of users at this promotion meeting will become the direction of Lobo's efforts in the future, and its products and services will certainly go to a higher level

looking forward to the future, Lobo believes that with the broad platform built by China National Building Materials Group, Lobo can not only create one glory after another in the history of China's glass industry, but also continuously lead the new market demand, refresh the new marketing performance, and win the support and trust of users with first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services. Lobo will, as always, cooperate wholeheartedly with you to establish a win-win partnership and jointly seek the rapid development of each other's undertakings

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