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On October 10, Hualing Xingma new product Tour team entered Gao'an City, Jiangxi Province, and more than 300 customers from Gao'an region were invited to Ruixue hotel, Participate in the "2014 Valin Xingma automobile group Hanma and xingkaima series model national tour exhibition and user Symposium" held here, and experience the new products of Valin Xingma Tour Exhibition on site

transportation is the pillar industry of Gao'an. Since the late 1990s, Gao'an has gradually formed an important national trading market for automatic analysis and processing of experimental results of heavy truck auto parts testing machines. Gao'an, a small city, has more than 400 officially registered logistics companies. The number of heavy trucks listed in Gao'an has reached more than 15000, accounting for 60% of the whole Jiangxi Province. Such a large number of logistics companies and heavy trucks are hard to compare with even medium-sized cities in developed regions. Therefore, Gao'an has also become one of the most important markets of Valin Xingma

new products of Hanma and xingkaima series go on a national tour to fight against Gao'an

new products of Hanma and xingkaima series go on a national tour to fight against Gao'an

Hanma and xingkaima series go on a national tour to fight against Gao'an

chairman liuhanru of the group personally attended the Symposium and made an important speech. He first shared the company's entrepreneurship and development history with the participating customers, and expounded the great significance of Gao'an market to Valin Xingma. He said that Gao'an is the traditional market of Valin Xingma and the foundation to support the development of Valin Xingma. There are many old customers of Valin Xingma, some of whom have cooperated for many years. Over the past decade, Valin Xingma has also achieved leapfrog development. From the introduction of Mitsubishi technology from Japan to the independent research and development of engines and axles, it can be said that Valin Xingma has fully mastered all the core technologies of heavy truck production and manufacturing. We have developed through difficulties and hardships. Therefore, we have a sense of market, products and services very early. For ten consecutive years, we have not been moved by interests. We focus on making products wholeheartedly, which is to build our products into international high-quality products. Valin Xingma is a relatively young brand. Our growth depends on the trust and support of Gao'an customers for a long time. With a heart of gratitude, today we introduce the most qualified and reliable products that have entered the rapid and benign development stage of the battery industry of electric vehicles to Gao'an users, hoping to create more wealth for their future development

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