New shoe cabinets for the hot new year need custom

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2018 is coming! In the new year, everyone has different expectations

2018 is coming

in the new year,

everyone has different expectations

but no matter what wish list you have,

as long as you live the way you want,

strive to manage large and small days,

live up to yourself,

serious life is the best state in 2018

what is the initial state of 2018

first of all, tidy up your home.

the first important thing is the location of your home.

whether you enter your own door,

or go to your relatives and friends' homes,

if you enter the door and put your shoes on the floor,

messy, it will definitely affect your mood,

will also leave a bad effect

in fact, sometimes it's not that this person doesn't like cleaning up,

or is sloppy, just because the shoe cabinet is not selected correctly,

or there are problems in design

next, Xiao Yi shares the design of several new shoe cabinets,

to ensure practical and beautiful,

no longer afraid of messy entry space

how does the shoe cabinet create a multi-functional space

1 according to the house type design

the entry space is not very large. According to the characteristics of the house type, a customized shoe cabinet is designed to make the whole space natural and beautiful

2 design of wrapped beam column

there are columns at the entry. First, understand the wall size of the lower corner, which can well decorate and solve the problem that the wall column can't be accommodated, and increase its beauty and practicality

3 hall design

when customizing the hall shoe cabinet, you can consider other functions of the shoe cabinet, and reasonably design the storage partition for placing umbrellas, keys and other small items, which can be perfectly stored and beautify the space

4 hanging cabinet design

this shoe cabinet is small and practical, which is very practical for families with small house type or no porch. It can be placed in the corner opposite to the house, and shoes can be placed at the bottom. It is more beautiful to decorate the table with green potted plants

5 functional zoning design

to achieve unlimited storage tasks in a limited space, the internal design of the shoe cabinet is particularly critical. It can be divided according to living habits, or according to family members, including areas for men, women, children, etc

6 corner design

measure the length and height of the recess, make a wall type shoe cabinet, integrate the furniture decoration effect, and reflect the spatial and storage functions of customized furniture

7 to the top design

the beam above uses the ceiling design of the hanging cabinet to cover up the problem of the influence of "beam pressing the top", and at the same time, it solves the aesthetics of the room and the utilization rate of corner space

8 porch cabinet design

porch shoe cabinet is a practical and beautiful decoration in modern home living room. The upper part of the porch shoe cabinet is generally transparent or translucent screen peak, which can increase the sense of space and privacy of the living room without affecting the ventilation and light transmission of the living room

9 concave design

at present, more and more young owners pursue individuality and advocate being different. Customized shoe cabinets pursue alternative and advanced personality and fashion taste in the choice of home design and furniture

customized furniture has become the first choice for people in home decoration, and in recent years, the performance of customized furniture in design and function has also made consumers more and more satisfied. No matter it's shoe cabinet or other furniture, it's very popular with consumers at any time

2018, your family also lacks a fashionable shoe cabinet

come to EASTLEY home

more new furniture are waiting for you to customize




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