Vipassy wardrobe small house can also be customize

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Ordinary urban residents hope to have their own Xanadu in their small homes in the reinforced concrete forest, but the conditions are often not allowed. There is a real case of vipassi wardrobe, which proves that small houses can also be customized and decorated into large spaces

I believe many people believe that home does not need to be big and luxurious, as long as it is warm enough. Living in a warm and comfortable home environment, you will look forward to coming home from work every day. You like to stay at home freely. You can do whatever you want, that is your favorite home

for the post-80s generation, most people will like the modern simple style, but if their home is a small family, vipassy wardrobe suggests that the owner can consider English style pastoral or modern simple furniture, which are relatively small and medium-sized, simple and practical modern style or full of natural style pastoral style, which can improve the overall warmth of the space and match the small family house. If it is a large apartment with an area of more than 100 square meters, the owner can choose some European and American style or relatively large pieces of furniture, which will make the furniture consistent with the indoor space. Using simple language to interpret the sincerity for a long time, decoration is the same, using simple methods to show the understanding of home, low-key luxury is definitely a kind of taste after precipitation

real case of vipassi:

Mr. Zhang, who bought his house in Panyu District, has a total area of only 78 square meters. He used to live alone. He didn't feel crowded because he didn't have many things at home. But since he got married, this 78 square meter two bedroom has become very crowded. In order to make the home environment more spacious and comfortable, Mr. Zhang chose to customize the furniture of the whole house

the most important thing for a small house is to store it in an orderly way, in a beautiful way, and more convenient to use. In order to highlight the casual, lazy, free and comfortable living experience, the designer designed two groups of wall cabinets on the blank wall of the living room in Mr. Zhang's home, which can not only use the wall space to store items, but also increase the level and interest of the living room space through the display of these items. The second bedroom must meet the two functional needs of study and guest room, because the designer of vipassi designed a set of tatami and a set of storage cabinet in the second bedroom, which can store all kinds of books, and make full use of the space on the top of the storage cabinet to improve the utilization rate of the second bedroom space. Facts have proved that small houses can also be customized and decorated into large spaces




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