A model of nude decoration design for small houses

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The practical area of this foreign residence is 66 square meters, with two bedrooms and one living room. It is a classic home for three people. The porch is designed very practical and appropriate. The sliding door of the shoe cabinet is glass, so you can tidy up your makeup when you go out. Some simple tools for hanging clothes are also set on the wall. At a glance, an open work table is set in the corridor, and pictures and long and simple bookshelves are hung on the wall, The walls in the living room are painted light gray, which matches the color of the sofa very well. Most of them use oak floors, which looks very warm and comfortable as a whole. Although the master bedroom is not big, it is very tasty. Adjacent to it is a child's bedroom, which is beautifully decorated. The kitchen and bathroom are very modern. The dining table can be placed in the kitchen or in the living room




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