How to decorate the rectangular living room

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How to decorate the rectangular living room? How to decorate the rectangular living room? Different houses are also different in house types, and the different house types also determine the different shapes of the living room. Many owners' living rooms are rectangular, so how to decorate the rectangular living room? I believe many people want to know the answer to this question. Next, let's introduce how to decorate the rectangular living room in detail

first of all, the rectangular living room should be decorated with unified materials in the whole space, so as to reflect a better decoration effect. For example, the ceiling, walls, cabinets and floors of the room all use the same materials, because the same color and texture promote a unified and harmonious visual effect, which virtually expands the volume of the space. In terms of material selection, wood material has excellent warmth and natural beauty, which is a very good choice

second, attention should also be paid to the detailed treatment of space in the decoration of rectangular living room. For example, the tea table furniture purchased echoes the overall space. From lamps to trinkets, almost all of them are in clean colors, and a group of hanging paintings are elegant and have a long aftertaste. It is a good choice to choose a mirror appropriately to enhance the depth of the space in the small space of soft decoration design, but it should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to cause tension and discomfort

third, when decorating the rectangular living room, we should also pay attention to the selection of light sources. If your living room space is small, don't choose a large light source at this time, otherwise it will dominate. At this time, a simple and distinctive chandelier is enough to set off the atmosphere. Of course, if there is a feeling of insufficient lighting, it is appropriate to arrange spotlights or hidden lighting supplements in the ceiling at this time

how to decorate the rectangular living room? How to decorate the rectangular living room? This is the author's interpretation of this problem. I hope it can help you. Of course, the decoration of the rectangular living room still needs a lot of things. Due to the space problem, we won't introduce it in detail here. If you want to know more about this knowledge, interested friends can consult relevant articles on us





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