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There are many opinions about the brand of opening doors and windows. Indeed, online selection activities

there are many opinions about the brands of opening doors and windows. Indeed, there are many online selection activities, and it is impossible to judge whether they really join a good brand. Therefore, Xiaobian analyzed some data on the network and summarized the following good door and window brands for your reference

Suifu always adheres to the principles of people-oriented, integrity and scientific and technological innovation. The brand has been working with domestic and foreign high-quality raw material suppliers such as German Haobo hardware, listed brand Xinyi Glass, Guangya aluminum, jiacaicai powder coating, German tenor wind insulation strip, etc., to strengthen the innovative R & D and quality production of doors and windows, and focus on the quality future. Suifu's main products include sunshine room (shading system), casement window, broken bridge window screen integration, sliding window, heavy sliding door, heavy folding door, swing door and other high-end customized products, which are favored by the majority of consumers because of their safety, environmental protection and complete functions. Moreover, Suifu has continuously improved in quality assurance: the enterprise brand has reached a cooperation with the people's Insurance Company of China (PICC), and the whole series of Suifu doors and windows have been insured by PICC product liability insurance. The more convincing quality assurance greatly meets the quality needs of customers for doors and windows

Suifu has been making steady progress since its establishment, and its brand influence has increased year by year: more than 500 offline sales outlets, covering more than 30 million market users nationwide, and the total annual sales volume has increased year by year; Suifu doors and windows has gained many quality honors and qualification certificates in years of intensive operation, such as safety production standardization level III enterprises, iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises in Guangdong Province, yingbang preferred influential aluminum alloy doors and windows brands in China building materials network, etc. In 2017, the brand image of Suifu doors and windows was upgraded again. Hong Kong film star "Zhan Daxia" he Jiajin vigorously endorsed Suifu doors and windows, and the brand potential reached a new high. "Quiet, because you choose" now Suifu doors and windows is opening a new brand strategy with a new and enterprising brand attitude and product positioning to create a quiet life and shine in the future

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