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It is understood that 60% of the decoration abroad comes from second-hand houses and secondary decoration. At present, in China's first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, this proportion has also been nearly 40%. In the past, the residence would need to be redecorated for about 8 to 12 years. Now, people's demand for houses is no longer just simple living. They are more eager to have the feeling of "home" in the house. Therefore, many families have entered the stage of secondary decoration or tertiary decoration, and consumers' demand for improving home decoration is constantly released in the market. Juning flooring is the first to dig for gold in the secondary decoration market. With excellent brand strength and standardized process, Juning flooring has gained a firm foothold in the industry and grabbed the development dividend of the industry

the outbreak of the secondary decoration market, flooring enterprises welcome new opportunities for development again

with the increase of per capita disposable income and the continuous promotion of urbanization, it means that the brand consumption concept has gradually become a consensus. With the increase of per capita disposable income and the promotion of urbanization in China, the brand consumption concept has gradually become popular. In 2016, the proportion of middle and high-income people in China (annual disposable income > 200000 yuan) has reached 2.6% of the total population, and it is expected to increase to 14.5% by 2030. The market with great potential will undoubtedly bring greater driving force to household enterprises, and the flooring industry, which has experienced environmental protection and resource integration, will also usher in new development

on the other hand, with the continuous expansion of the size of China's middle class, the consumption upgrading trend of the home furnishing industry is becoming more and more obvious. In terms of terminals, it is reflected in the increase of orders and customer unit price of brand furniture enterprises, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for flooring brands with deep accumulation. Since it was officially put into operation in 1996, Juning flooring has grown into a modern forest industry enterprise with bamboo, wood fiber board and composite floor manufacturing as the leading industries, and the development direction is the construction of fast-growing and high-yield forests, board research and development, and the production of a series of high value-added deep-processing products

in terms of channels, Juning flooring has always been concerned by the industry for its good insight into the new direction of market development. From taking the lead in the layout of hardbound projects to developing the secondary decoration market, the keen sense of market has laid the unique positioning and leading development speed of Juning flooring. The relevant person in charge of Juning flooring said that according to the characteristics of the secondary decoration, Juning has done a lot of research and preparation work. It not only provides professionals with free door-to-door investigation of the ground conditions and gives reasonable and fast installation methods, but also optimizes the construction process to achieve the effect of simple and fast check-in on the same day, and truly considers consumers

comprehensive strength has become a necessary condition, and the quality of Juning has become increasingly popular.

as early as 1997, Juning introduced the world's most advanced German Haomai flooring production line at that time. After more than 20 years of careful carving and industry precipitation, Juning flooring has gradually emerged in the domestic flooring market, and is favored by the majority of consumers because of its excellent product quality. In Juning, product quality is the first priority for brand development. Excellent quality management and complete quality inspection equipment make Juning flooring confident in quality control. It is understood that Juning bamboo and wood testing center has complete bamboo and wood products testing equipment and testing capacity, and is equipped with full-time inspectors. It is the most perfect enterprise testing center in the flooring industry in Central China. Today, Juning forest industry is not only recognized as a high absorption new technology enterprise in Hubei Province by the Hubei provincial government, but also has won the "Hubei famous brand" and the "government quality award" for three consecutive years, and the product quality is increasingly trustworthy

at the same time, improving the consumer experience is also the work that Juning floor has never relaxed. In 2018, Juning floor achieved service upgrading, launched "golden housekeeper service", and adhered to the six character policy of "professional, efficient and worry-free", providing worry free professional services for consumers, which has been highly praised by consumers and dealers

according to Boston Consulting, China's consumer market will increase by $2.3 trillion in five years, 65% of which will be brought by the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s. In the future, the frequency of housing secondary decoration is bound to gradually increase, and this is undoubtedly an opportunity worth looking forward to for the floor market. Juning flooring adopts a diversified product system to meet the needs of different consumers. Whether it is simple European, modern, simple, or simple Chinese, hybrid style, you can find corresponding products in Juning. Floor products can be satisfied in one stop, and Juning is enough

now, the dividends of the secondary decoration market have been gradually highlighted. On the basis of strong brand strength, Juning flooring will actively layout channels with quality products and services, and practice the role of the industry leader. Let's look forward to it

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