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In fact, the decoration of the office should pay attention to a lot of Feng Shui, and colleagues should also pay attention to a lot of Feng Shui taboos, because Feng Shui in the office is related to our luck, and we pay attention to Feng Shui in the office in order to have better luck. We pay attention to Feng Shui taboos in the office, but also in order not to let bad feng shui affect our career development, etc., so we must pay attention to some decoration of the office building, So what are the taboos of Feng Shui in office building decoration? Take a look at the relevant articles that say so

summary of Feng Shui taboos in office decoration design

01 The nine palace Feng Shui of office decoration

refers to the nine palaces of the office, including Qian, dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, gen, Kun and Zhonggong. Which palace sees evil spirit will have an adverse impact on the corresponding parts of the boss' body or the corresponding personnel aspects. Of course, the greater the evil spirit, the greater the impact will be. For example, if you see evil spirit in the northwest of the office, the boss is likely to have head discomfort, or it is easy to see right and wrong things, etc

02. Ornaments in the office feng shui

Antique ornaments and Feng Shui Huasha products must be carefully placed in the office, including kylin, civet, toad, fish tank, etc. Antique jewelry has a long history, and the Lord is too Yin, which is easy to cause hallucinations and supernatural things; As for things such as kylin, civet, toad, fish tank, etc., they are actually two-sided. If they are used properly, they are self-interest, and if they are not used properly, they may harm themselves. Therefore, if there is a relevant need, it is best to ask professional Feng Shui guidance to place them

03. Feng Shui of the shape evil in the office

the more obvious shape evil in the feng shui of the office include piercing evil, sharp corner evil, beam coping, etc. These evils should not act directly on the homeowner himself or the homeowner's office, otherwise, it will cause the homeowner's depression, irritability and anxiety at least, and it will cause the homeowner's depression, surgery, injury, etc

04. Location of the office feng shui

the general office should not be located at the top of both sides of the entire office building, otherwise, it is prone to injury; The size of the general manager's office should generally not be smaller than that of the office of ordinary workers. Easy customers deceive the owner, resulting in right and wrong worries; The floor of the president's office and the serial number of the office shall not be the number that should be avoided by the president's birthday. For example, if the president's birthday should be avoided, the seventh or eighth room should not be selected as the office, and the adverse consequences depend on the president's fate

05. Feng Shui, the backer of the desk

mainly pays attention to two aspects: first, it should be reliable and should not be empty; Second, it is not suitable to hang heavy objects, such as sharp swords, Kowloon map, etc. Emptiness is easy to be affected by wind chill at light level, and stroke at heavy level; Hanging a sharp sword is prone to blood light and surgery; According to the Jiulong map, Yang Qi is too high and easy to break, so it is easy to cause injury

06. Feng Shui in the office is a symbol of spirit and domination. There is much emphasis on offering gods. Before worshipping the throne, you must understand some basic common sense. Otherwise, you may not be protected, but suffer from it. The so-called “ When God is uneasy, people are uneasy ” Also. For more knowledge about relevant aspects, it is recommended to read the blog post of ark Zhouyi, "the God of wealth, the nine stresses of wealth"

07. Feng Shui of office doors and windows

mainly pay attention to three points: first, the door of the office should not be directly facing the window; Second, if there is another door in the office besides the main door, it is neither suitable for the door to be opposite to the door, nor for the door to be in the diagonal direction; Third, floor to ceiling windows should not be opened. Otherwise, it is easy to cause anger in the office, and the homeowner is physically and mentally exhausted, in a trance, and prone to make mistakes

08. The location of the desk Feng Shui

the location of the desk is generally placed close to the financial position in the office. The layout of the desk in the office should generally follow the principles of left Qinglong, right Baihu, front rosefinch and rear basalt, that is, the front is spacious, the back is solid, the left is tall and the right is unobstructed. The loss of desk position mainly affects the heart function and brain function of homeowners

09. The color of the office feng shui

the main color of the office decoration is determined according to the five element likes and dislikes of the eight character of the house owner's birthday. At least, the five element color taboo in the eight character of the house owner's birthday cannot be used. For example, if the house owner's eight character and five element is taboo of water, blue should not be used as the main tone. Because the taboo color is the enemy that the house owner hit. Sitting in it is like being in the enemy's line, and the consequences can be imagined

What are the 15 Feng Shui taboos for office decoration

(1) avoid seats facing the door

Feng Shui seats in offices cannot directly face the door. Because the door is the entrance and exit of the air flow and energy of the whole office, and the seat is facing the door, it will be rushed by the entrance aura, which will easily affect a person's subconscious and nervous system, resulting in a hot temper or illness for no reason. You can set up a screen or plant at the door as a way to dissolve it

(2) there should be a back (wall or cabinet) behind the Feng Shui seat in the office, and it is not allowed to carry the door or aisle

the back of the brain is the brain wave radiation area, which is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body to sense the gas field; Therefore, the back of the office seat should be fixed and immovable; If someone walks behind, it is easy to lose concentration, and virtually turn a part of attention to the back of the brain, which will consume energy for a long time, affecting work efficiency and health

(3) the front of the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be close to the wall (the buffer zone is not enough)

people's eyes grow in front, which is to capture more information; If the office seat is too close to the wall, you can't see the people and things around, which will cause subconscious anxiety and affect the stability of the nervous system

(4) there should be no one in front of the Feng Shui seat in the office

if there are people facing each other in front of the office seat, it is also a kind of psychological evil. Without their own privacy space, it will either cause each other's satisfaction, or distract their attention, like talking and laughing with each other, and affect their work. It's best to put some potted plants or documents between two people

(5) the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the toilet door

the toilet is the place where filthy gas gathers, and the toilet door is the place where filthy gas is discharged. People who have been around the toilet door or facing the toilet door for a long time will get sick because of excessive filthy gas. If it cannot be avoided, a screen or large broad-leaved plants can be installed between the toilet and the seat, which can more or less block out a little filth, and the toilet door must be closed at any time

(6) the Feng Shui seat in the office should not be behind the copier or computer.

the overflow magnetic field of the copier and computer is relatively strong. If the office seat is too close or directly behind the computer, it will easily affect its own magnetic field for a long time, resulting in physical and mental disorders, and indirectly affect the fate. It is best to keep the interval, or put a basin of broad-leaved plants in the middle, but the plants should be replaced on schedule, otherwise it will also become a second pollution Source

(7) there should be no washing table or faucet next to the Feng Shui seat in the office

where water comes out, it will affect the gas field, because water itself can gather gas and disturb the magnetic field. People who sit by the faucet for a long time will have nervous system disorders or repeated fortunes. It is best to avoid them

(8) there should be no large garbage cans or sundries next to the Feng Shui seats in the office

like toilets, garbage cans or debris piles are also the source of filth. Avoiding them is auspicious

(9) the Feng Shui seat in the office should not have insufficient light or no windows

if the light on the seat is too weak, it will cause insufficient solar energy and too much geomagnetic energy " Yin Qi weight " Phenomenon, a long time will make people lazy and negative, and it is also easier to be pessimistic

(10) Feng Shui in the office cannot be directly facing the kitchen, gas stove and refrigerator

the kitchen is the source of fire. If you get too close to fire, it will also affect the nervous system and physiological field of the human body. In the long run, it will hinder a person's thinking ability. It is best to avoid it

(11) the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be directly facing the water dispenser

like the faucet, the water dispenser is also the outlet of water vapor, especially if someone turns on or off water every day, it is easier to affect the stability of the surrounding magnetic field; If you can, it's best to keep an interval

(12) the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot face the door of the supervisor or boss's room

supervisors and bosses generally control office workers. According to the ancients, they are " G " Office workers; Unless you don't have a supervisor and boss in your eyes, it's best not to face their room. Because you will be affected by their every move, you can't concentrate, and it's easy to conflict with them for a long time

(13) there should be no beam or chandelier directly above the Feng Shui seat in the office

although people don't have eyes on their heads, they are also very sensitive to things on their heads, and they are always afraid that something will fall off them; Therefore, if you know that there is a beam or chandelier above your seat, your subconscious will be armed and ready to protect yourself at any time. After a long time, you will consume a lot of energy and be half dead without doing much. If you can, move your seat

(14) Feng Shui seats in the office should not be surrounded by large electrical appliances or appliances (computers, copiers, fax machines and chillers)

(15) the front of the Feng Shui seat in the office cannot be used as the active line (how to look at the Feng Shui taboos of office decoration when all employees enter and leave the company

the office is our workplace, and its Feng Shui should highlight the wealth and future, including the development and operation of the whole function company, and the future and income of individuals, which are related to the Feng Shui interest of the office. Therefore, before decoration, we should have a general layout of the office.

the most important thing of Feng Shui in office decoration is wealth, every office Every room has its own wealth. Generally, the position of wealth is related to the environment, and it is estimated according to the position of Fuxi Bagua. It is suggested to ask a professional feng shui master to measure the position of wealth, rather than judge and guess by feeling. The office finance position is generally the office of an accountant or boss or leader. In the financial position, we should set up Feng Shui devices to suppress wealth. There are many Feng Shui devices to suppress wealth. God of wealth, Guan Gong, jade toad, jade Ruyi, goldfish and so on are all better Feng Shui devices to suppress wealth. Which one to use can be determined according to the decoration style of the office

the door of the company's office has high Feng Shui requirements. First of all, the door should be large. The door of the office can't flow through the small gas field, and the anger outside can't enter, so the company's wealth can't flow, and the business is not big, or even loss. Therefore, to absorb the anger of the outside world, the door must be large. If the door of the office is opposite to the door of other companies, it must be larger than the other side, because the flow of anger is adsorptive. If your door is small and the flow is slow, anger will be absorbed by the side with faster flow than the door. This is a big taboo in office decoration Feng Shui. And when the door is opposite, a porch must be set. In the company, it is the front desk, which can not only block the outflow of anger, but also adjust the air field inside the office

the ceiling of the office should be high and of good quality, and should not leak or crack. The office ceiling is high, which shows that the office area is atmospheric, the gas field capacity is large, and the company has a broad prospect. The ceiling is leaking. Water is a symbol of wealth in geomantic omen, and the leakage represents the leakage of wealth. If the ceiling of the office leaks, it must be remedied in time, and it cannot be left unchecked. (guidaye Fengshui www.guidaye.com)

the office chairs of the company's directors and leaders must be on the wall or against the bookcase, and they must not be empty. Office chair empty





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