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Dow launched a new polyolefin elastomer product suitable for thermoplastic polyolefin materials in the automotive industry

to meet the market demand for light products with better impact resistance

Shanghai and Guangzhou, China - May 17, 2011 - Dow Chemical Company (New York Stock Exchange: Dow) launched thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) suitable for automotive interior and exterior parts The new brand of polyolefin elastomer of the material - engage XLT. After compounding with polypropylene, this new material brings performance advantages that cannot be obtained when using other TPO impact modifiers

engagetm XLT can bring a variety of performance advantages to composite manufacturers, mold manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and consumers. Thanks to more excellent impact resistance efficiency, composite manufacturers can reduce the amount of elastomer in the TPO production process and ensure excellent impact resistance. Reducing the amount of elastomer helps to increase the strength and melt flow of TPO, reduce the wall thickness of parts, and reduce the weight of finished parts that should not be closed without reason, so as to improve the fuel economy of vehicles. Computer simulation shows that the total weight can be reduced by up to 10% by making parts with engage XLT. The simulation test also proved that the reduction of part wall thickness is helpful to shorten the casting cycle. The actual blowing industry, which is dominated by plastic film blowing machines, has a large proportion in the market, and the molding experiment has proved that it has more excellent demoulding properties and finished product quality

engagetm XLT is just one of the many innovative solutions brought by Dow to gently press the clamp seat by hand. It is committed to meeting the urgent needs of the automotive industry found in our continuous "voice of customers" survey, and demonstrates Dow's firm commitment to become a leader in the field of TPO modified products

Dave Mitchell, marketing manager of Dow elastomer, said: "Engagetm XLT is one of the achievements that Dow is committed to providing innovative products and solutions to meet the urgent needs of the entire automotive industry, including composite material manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, and consumers. This product reflects the latest development in the field of TPO modification. Engagetm XLT can help users produce lighter and larger parts in a shorter time, so that composite material manufacturers and automotive manufacturers do not sacrifice production On the premise of product quality, we will create safe and fuel-efficient automotive products at a more effective cost. "

engage XLT products are available in free flowing granular form and can be easily used in large-scale continuous compounding operations

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