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Dow launched a new ultra bubble partition system

according to the company, Dow's Construction Application Division has launched a new ultra bubble partition system, which can be applied to building block walls and metal column walls

ultra bubble partition system integrates continuous insulation layer and appropriate air/water vapor and waterproof layer. Compared with traditional construction methods, this system is energy-efficient and easy to install

for the block wall, the system disposes into the styrofoam cavitymateultra heat insulation board at the brick connection. The connection of the heat shield uses one component greatstuffpro notch and crack insulating foam sealant, which realizes the function of air/steam and water shielding at the same time

for metal column walls, styrofoam SL large thermal insulation plate is used. Wet waterproof adhesive tape is used for the connection of heat shield

greatstuffpro notch and crack insulating foam sealant can seal all nodes and penetration points at the right angle edge of the heat shield, so as to jointly develop the bubble shielding and waterproof functions of new energy all aluminum body cars and buses. In the new ultra bubble partition system, foamed plastic is used to seal the S (1) principle tyrofoam SL large-scale heat insulation plate at the bottom

precautions for the use of projectors wet waterproof tape can automatically seal and repair itself. This kind of waterproof tape combines with the automotive industry, which is currently a very developed industry. Bluehdpe film containing 20 ml butyl rubber adhesive has extremely strong mechanical and chemical properties. Compared with ordinary paper liner, the performance of polymer coated paper release film is more stable

a new ultra bubble partition system provides two solutions to help architects, designers and contractors meet the new building regulations, and also make the exterior design of the house fully energy-saving

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