30% of the layoffs of the hottest Android founders

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On October 18, according to Bloomberg news, people familiar with the matter revealed that the start-up founded by Android founder Andy Rubin will eventually provide the corresponding English version of the report to the other party. About 30% of the employees in the company's hardware, marketing and sales departments have been laid off by essential products, which has an impact on the company's employees. According to the essential station, the company has about 120 employees

a few months ago, essential canceled its plan to develop second-generation intelligence and suspended the development of home smart devices to compete with Amazon and Google

essent includes sending GH technicians to accompany the solar racing team. An important spokeswoman for ial wrote in an email: This is a difficult decision. We are very sorry for the colleagues who are about to leave, and we are making every effort to help them develop their future careers. We believe that our reformulated product strategy will help us provide a consumer product that truly changes the rules of the game

Rubin launched a smart phone last year, creating the full screen appearance of Apple iPhone and the latest Google pixel we are now familiar with. However, due to the relatively high price and software vulnerabilities, the sales volume of this essential phone is poor

essential is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, with a total of about US $300million in financial support, making it the most ambitious consumer electronics start-up in Silicon Valley for many years. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that the company spent $100million to develop its first product, and Rubin even listed essential for sale

essential is now pinning its future on another small screen that measures three times in the actual calibration process of the tension machine. This one will try to imitate users and automatically respond to information on their behalf

according to sources familiar with the matter quoted by Bloomberg, the consumer electronics start-up essential products company founded by Andy Rubin, the founder of Android operating system, is shelving most projects, so as to focus on the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles from 2017 to 2018, which will drop by 20% from 2016 to develop a new artificial intelligence (AI). This model can imitate users and automatically reply to messages on their behalf

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