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Dow elastomer launched three new XFC NORDEL products

according to foreign media reports, dowelastomers will add three new NORDEL products to its nordelepdm business

davidmitchell, global marketing director of Dow functional plastics, and the internationalelastomerconference held in Cleveland, the United States, from October 9 to 12 this year, as a business department of the newly established dowdupon material science, Dow elastomer showed the new NORDEL products at the meeting

the new ultra fast curing (XFC) NORDEL product enables auto parts manufacturers and brand owners to produce weatherstrips with higher performance controlled by a single chip microcomputer, while meeting consumers' needs for product lightweight, safety and aesthetics, and then judging whether the sensor signal of the tensile testing machine is normal

the new products launched this time include nordel6555oe, nordel6565xfcepdm and nordel6530xfc. The above three new products are of high quality and low gelpolymers, realizing the best combination of surface seals and part strength, and improving the elasticity and compression performance. In addition, the above products can be used for doors, window glasses, car body seals and hood seals

compared with Ziegler Natta catalyst system, the advanced molecular catalyst technology adopted can reduce the overall energy consumption by 20%-25%, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 40%, and improve the overall environmental protection by 50%

After decoupling from Dow DuPont, the above products will be sold in Plaquemine, la Factory manufacturing, production preparation will be completed in December this year. It is estimated that the production capacity of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) in prakeming plant will reach 440million pounds

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