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300 giants from 14 countries participated in this exhibition, but it surprised the whole audience.

on June 20, the 9th Indian warehousing exhibition was grandly held at the International Exhibition Center in New Delhi, India. 300 industry giants from 14 countries around the world came to the exhibition, and the scene was very Huihong. As the only self-developed hardness testing instrument series of electric Jinan gold assay in the exhibition, there are: mechanical Rockwell hardness tester, plastic Rockwell hardness tester, digital Rockwell hardness tester, Leeb hardness tester, surface Rockwell hardness tester, full Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, low load Vickers hardness tester, digital micro Vickers hardness tester, image processing micro Vickers hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, low load Brinell hardness tester, Brovi hardness tester BYD, a forklift enterprise with Shaw hardness tester, shore hardness tester, portable Rockwell hardness tester, Wechsler hardness tester, Babbitt hardness tester, and pipe Rockwell hardness tester, has made an amazing debut with its 3.0T counterweight forklift, 1.6T forward forklift, 1.4T stacker, 2.0T pallet truck and other new energy forklift products, setting off a new wave of green environmental protection in the forklift market in India and becoming the most eye-catching star

IWS is the largest logistics exhibition in Southeast Asia. It is held once a year and is an exchange platform for advanced equipment, technology and related services in the logistics industry. The exhibition attracted more than 15000 professionals to visit, exchange and negotiate business. Milk fiber tensile testing machine; Exhibits include material handling equipment, warehouse system, logistics management system, etc

among the new energy forklift products displayed by BYD, the 3.0T counterweight forklift is the model with the largest demand in the Indian market, so it also attracts the most attention. This product is equipped with BYD's advanced battery management system, high intelligent electronic control system and three-phase AC asynchronous motor. These three core technologies greatly improve the performance of the whole vehicle and have excellent performance in driving, lifting, climbing and other aspects

BYD 1.6T forward moving forklift truck is widely favored in the market with its excellent product power. Using high-quality materials, the gantry is light and has excellent load capacity. At the same time, it is equipped with electric steering, overload protection, fork tip image and other functions, with strong intelligent control performance

in addition, BYD 1.4T stacker car adopts the industry's top drive axle, is equipped with stepless adjustment multi-function handle, and has power-off protection, automatic sleep and other functions, covering all aspects of customers' needs for electric stacker cars. BYD 2.0T pallet carrier has small volume, large load and strong power. The floating balance wheel configured further improves the stability of the vehicle

BYD's new energy products have their own characteristics, and are equipped with power batteries independently developed by BYD. They are environmentally friendly, zero pollution, and powerful. For the entire Indian 2. Carton detection equipment design standard: for the logistics and storage industry, there will be a wave of reform from oil to electricity

ulhas makeswar, general manager of forklift business of BYD India branch, was full of confidence when talking about BYD electric forklift. He believes that in an era when the world advocates green environmental protection, the era of electric forklift reform in India is coming. BYD new energy forklift has unique advantages in the Indian market in terms of its core technologies such as battery, motor and electronic control

on the first day of the exhibition, BYD's potential customers of new energy forklifts reached more than 150, including giants in the airport, logistics, leasing and other industries. Even elites attracted by BYD brand expressed their hope to join BYD and become a member of BYD's new energy forklift team

at the exhibition site, customers directly placed orders to purchase 3.0T electric balance weight exhibition vehicles to show their sincerity. During the group photo, the humorous customer said, "please let me stand in front of the 3.0T car to take photos, because this is my car."

at present, BYD electric forklifts have successfully entered many overseas markets in the Americas, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, India and so on. In order to realize the green dream of zero pollution, zero emission, environmental protection and energy conservation, such machinery can also operate, and Yadi forklift will continue to forge ahead

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