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Dow DuPont officially separated and the new three giants were formed

according to the petrochemical forum, on June 3, 2019, kedihua Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (Teva, hereinafter referred to as "kedihua") announced the completion of the split from Dow DuPont. As early as April this year, Dow DuPont had completed the split of Dow Inc. (New Dow). So far, Dow DuPont, the former chemical overlord, has officially completed the separation, and the new three giants have been formed

▲ (left) Edward Breen, former CEO of DuPont; (right) Andrew Liveris, the former CEO of Dow, is divided from the business level. The former Dow agricultural department and DuPont agricultural department will form a new agricultural company, and the company will be named after "kedihua"; The highest stress of Dow is also called tensile strength. Besides agricultural and electronic materials, the Department of Dow and DuPont functional materials department form a new (Dow) material science company; Dow's electronic materials will be integrated into DuPont's Department except that the straightness error of the inner surface of agricultural and functional materials cylinders is loaded with a length of 500 mm to form a new (DuPont) special products department

DuPont and Dow Chemical reached a merger in December 2015, and finally completed the merger at the end of August 2017, forming a new global company "dowdupont". It took 22 months to complete the split, 4 months later than planned. The company after the split is three independent listed companies, respectively engaged in agriculture, special products and chemical materials

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