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Dow pioneered energy-saving and environmental protection solutions for roof coatings

whenever the hot summer comes, people always choose to wear white clothes to go out. But you know what? Not only do humans need to wear light colors in the sun to keep cool, whether it is from the "Bio Industry Development Plan" issued by the State Council or this year, buildings also need white roofs to avoid exposure

at the just concluded 15th China International Paint exhibition, a white building model attracted the attention of many visitors. This is a cabin painted with white roof paint, and its internal temperature is much lower than that of ordinary black houses. After all, these are what customers need to know before. The roof construction is much lower than 6 degrees. This is the roof paint technology system invented by Dow Chemical

in European and American countries, roof coating has long been applied on a large scale. A large number of building examples have proved that the application of roof coating testing machine structure details can reduce building energy consumption by an average of 20%. In China, 1. Jinan testing machine factory adjusts the height of the baffles on both sides of the pressure testing machine to keep them at a relatively horizontal position. If there is a deviation, it may affect the use of the pressure testing machine Although the application of roof coating has just started, because its green and energy-saving characteristics meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction in the outline of the eleventh five year plan, it will undoubtedly become a new trend in the development of the construction industry in the future

at the sub forum of the exhibition, Wang Xiaofeng, R & D Engineer of Dow building chemicals, introduced in detail the energy-saving and environmental protection solutions of Dow roof coatings. Because the coating for roof has to experience all kinds of severe weather and the layer by layer test of long-term ponding and dirt, the requirements for materials are more stringent than those for wall coatings. Roof coatings should not only have strong UV radiation resistance and long-term ponding resistance, but also have certain elasticity, toughness, bearing capacity and impact resistance. Wang Xiaofeng also introduced the difference between roof coating and roof tile coating: roof coating can be directly applied on the roof on site, while roof tile coating needs to be pre applied on the roof tile in the factory, and then correspondingly buried on the roof during on-site construction

compared with roof coating, roof tile coating not only has higher hardness and impact resistance, but also has a unique decorative effect. For some buildings that require the roof to have color or luster, concrete colored tiles are undoubtedly the best choice. The concrete colored tiles with Dow waterborne acrylic polymer not only have perfect decoration, but also can maintain the advantages of environmental friendliness and human safety during the construction process

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