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Dow launched the technologically innovative elite at polyethylene resin

new resin to help film processors provide advanced packaging solutions

on May 17, 2011, Guangzhou, China - at today's Chinaplas 2011 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") launched its latest breakthrough product series, elite at polyethylene (PE) resin, to meet the growing market demand for high-performance film products. Elite at series products will debut at chinaplas2011, the largest international plastic and Rubber Exhibition in Asia, and it is planned to launch this new product series in China through three major promotional activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in June

after years of in-depth research, the developed elite at PE resin adopts Dow's proprietary and patented post metallocene technology, which will have more layers in the process of composite extrusion. This technology is based on Dow's reliable and unique insit, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement; ETM technology. Elite at PE resin can provide unlimited possibilities for improving high-performance heat sealing film, high-performance stretch winding film and stretch sleeve film, and can directly benefit film manufacturers in the food and special packaging, industrial and consumer goods packaging markets

this latest product from Dow also helps film manufacturers to produce thinner and stronger high-performance machine winding films. Therefore, compared with similar resin products, the main advantages of this new resin series are that its toughness, optical properties, elastic resilience, clamping force and tensile properties are significantly improved. In addition, elite at PE resin can also improve the yield strength of the film, so as to ensure that the tray remains stable during transportation

Mr. Lin Ruisheng, senior marketing manager of Asia Pacific plastic business, said: "for a long time, China's polyethylene market has had a decisive impact on the annual growth rate of high-performance film business in Asia. It is precisely based on the strong market potential and demand of this kind of film that Dow developed elite at PE resin to strengthen our value positioning if the change-over switch is in the" fast back "position, Create opportunities for customers to provide diversified solutions. "

sustainable solutions

sustainability is a key factor for Dow's product development today. Traditional film design does not pay attention to excellent toughness (i.e. dart impact resistance, tear resistance and puncture performance), but if the toughness is improved in the film thinning process, the utilization efficiency of elite at resin can be improved

Mr. Lin Ruisheng added: "Dow has always been committed to providing our customers with sustainable development and low-cost solutions. The progressiveness of elite at PE resin will undoubtedly play a role in the whole value chain, which can improve solutions, save materials, reduce costs, and provide advanced sustainable products. By integrating key improvements into resin design, the effect that existing catalysts cannot achieve is achieved. Elite at resin will enable Dow to maintain its position in the plastic market Leading position. "

use elite TM at to improve the performance of existing PE films

by using elitetm at resin produced by high-throughput catalyst and processing technology, Dow becomes more flexible when customizing molecular weight distribution, short branched chain distribution and long branched chain distribution according to special needs. With this newly developed product, Dow is more flexible in resin design. At the same time, it can meet the growing market demand for PE film by improving processing equipment, sustainable utilization of film and increasing application possibilities

Xus 59999.15 * p-mlldpe resin for high-performance sealing film

xus 59999.15 post Metallocene Linear low density polyethylene (p-mlldpe) is a resin product specially designed for food and special packaging markets. This new sealing resin has excellent toughness, optical properties, processability and heat sealing performance. Because this high-performance resin has a series of characteristics such as low production load, low energy consumption and strong foam stability, its production efficiency is higher than that of the traditional mLLDPE resin. In the application of vertical forming filling sealing (VFFS) packaging bag, its wide heat sealing performance and excellent processability enable manufacturers to provide suitable solutions for a variety of food packaging

Xus 59999.06 * p-mlldpe resin for high-performance stretch winding film

in the industrial and consumer goods packaging market, the latest Xus 59999.06 p-mlldpe resin launched by elite at improves the performance of traditional stretch winding film resin. This innovation meets the two requirements of the casting film industry - the thinnest thickness and the highest toughness, so as to improve the tensile performance, improve the film yield strength and clamping force, and make the pallet more stable during transportation. It is specially designed for the machine winding film thinning process, and has unique tensile properties, especially excellent puncture resistance of the tray. In addition, Xus 59999.06 resin also has excellent processing characteristics such as low back pressure and low melting temperature during production

Xus 59999.02 * p-mlldpe resin for stretching casing film

elite at Xus 59999.02 p-mlldpe resin is a perfect material for industrial and consumer goods packaging market, because it has excellent toughness, elastic recovery, clamping force and optical properties, which are essential characteristics in stretching casing packaging applications. This kind of resin has excellent processability, low back pressure in the extruder, and excellent foam stability. The lower die buildup ensures the continuity and stability of production. This resin is used in the middle layer in conjunction with attanetm ng 4701g ultra-low density polyethylene resin, giving the film good elasticity and tear resistance

Then its physical and mechanical properties are destroyed.

compared with vinyl acetate (EVA), which has lower tear strength and toughness, but higher density, this kind of resin can save materials. For example, compared with EVA, Xus 59999.02 has a lower film weight on the same cross-sectional area, so each roll of Xus 59999.02 can wrap more pallets. In addition, because the film is insensitive to extreme orientation conditions, a larger die can be used to improve the yield of the film

about Dow

Dow (NYSE Code: Dow) is a diversified chemical company, which uses the power of science, technology and "human element" to continuously improve the basic elements of human progress. The company applies the principle of sustainable development to chemistry and innovation, and helps solve many challenging global problems, such as water purification, renewable energy generation and conservation, and agricultural productivity improvement. Dow has a rich product portfolio, leading the industry, involving special chemicals, advanced materials, agricultural science and plastic products. It provides customers in about 160 countries with a variety of technical products and solutions, involving high growth industries such as electronics, hydraulics, energy, coating and agriculture. In 2010, the company's sales reached US $53.7 billion and has more than 50000 employees worldwide. The company produces more than 5000 products in 188 production bases in 35 countries around the world. Unless otherwise specified, "Dow" or "company" refers to Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries. For more information about Dow, please visit the Dow page:

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