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Dow Chemical won the annual employee care award

reasons for winning the employee care award of Dow Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.

Dow Chemical has developed a series of career development projects for employees at all levels. Through job rotation, allowing employees to choose a development path according to their own interests, assuming roles in the employee group and other ways, Dow Chemical has provided employees with opportunities for continuous growth while the company develops and expands, It reflects Dow's attention to the core element of "people"

"in 2009, the price rose again and again. For Dow Chemical, it can be described as' magnificent '. This year, against the background of the continuous evolution of the financial crisis, we acquired Rohm and Haas, the world's leading manufacturer of special materials, and divested some non mainstream businesses. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the asset management personnel of the user unit issued the notice of mechanical equipment maintenance and lubrication according to the maintenance plan Dow Chemical has made a strategic adjustment in the Xiada operation team - the product is transformed from the upstream to the downstream. " Ning Shuyong, the Asia Pacific public affairs director of Dow Chemical, said with emotion in an exclusive interview with CBN a few days ago

Dow is a diversified chemical company, providing customers in 160 countries and regions around the world with a wide range of products and services in many fields, including pure water, food, drugs, coatings, packaging, personal care products, construction, home and automotive

in the past, most of these products were "upstream" products of chemistry. From this year, the product structure of Dow Chemical will begin a strategic "transformation"

Ning Shuyong said that Dow Chemical made such a strategic adjustment mainly because of four considerations. First, the chemical industry is a cyclical industry, and its development is closely related to the development of the national economy. Affected by it, Dow Chemical often makes money for several years and loses money for several years. Therefore, in a sense, adjusting the product structure is precisely to avoid the cyclical risks of the industry

second, taking into account the new changes in the development of the world economy and industry, the high oil price and rising industrial costs, Dow Chemical has adopted the form of joint venture and marriage in the upstream products, and some of them have withdrawn from the upstream products, which not only retains its advantages, but also reduces production costs

third, to meet the needs of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, we should implement the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol with practical actions. For the sake of global climate and environmental protection, enterprises can no longer rely on production, low prices and energy consumption

fourth, due to the consideration of value creation, downstream chemical products, many fine chemicals, have high added value and are not vulnerable to the cyclical impact of the industry, so the transformation to downstream products can create more commercial profits, thus bringing economic benefits to shareholders and employees

just a week ago, the 2009 star evaluation results of quality management in Shanghai's new wall and building energy-saving materials industry were made public, Tao 6 The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. With its energy-saving and environmental protection star product shutailong/extruded polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation board, the leading product quality and thorough technical service, Shiji won the highest honor in the evaluation - the Title of enterprise with excellent quality. This is a typical example of Dow Chemical products

on November 11, Dow Chemical Wolff cellulose business unit announced that it would strengthen its understanding of China's pharmaceutical formulation market Concerns about ingredients and needs "Haier New materials has developed and launched a series of global low VOC products, spray free and electroplating replaceable materials in the past two years, transforming the market of pharmaceutical excipients. Dow Chemical Wolff cellulose division should work closely with pharmaceutical enterprises and formula researchers to meet the current market needs, and constantly promote science and technology and innovative technologies to solve more challenges in the future. Dow Wolff cellulose Division will expand its market in the Asia Pacific region Manager Tomoyuki sasama said, "we are trying to change to get close to our consumers, hoping to become a real solution provider and bring greater value to the end users of products."

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