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Dow fat replacement technology helps healthy diet

fat replacement technology favored by consumers won the technological innovation award

Shanghai, China – (June 30, 2009) – recently, Dow Chemical's methocel MX fat replacement technology won the 2009 Jung food and beverage industry technological innovation award. The award is awarded to advanced enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to improving productivity and economic efficiency, creating opportunities for the city to make all-round efforts in our Jinan experimental machine factory team, and improving the manufacturing process. The outstanding contribution of methocel mxtm fat replacement technology from Dow Chemical's food and nutrition business department in controlling ingredient costs and helping to reduce the overall fat content of food are two important factors in winning the award

Ms. Shi Yaohua, director of Dow Chemical Asia Pacific business communications, and Mr. Lu Xianghua, Secretary General of Shanghai frozen food association, judge of Jung Technology Innovation Award

methocel MX fat replacement technology was first recommended to consumers in October 2007 and officially released in 2008. This technology enables food technologists to use healthier liquid oil to replace trans fats and reduce the solid saturated fat contained in meat products and baked goods. Unlike other fat substitutes, methocel MX forms a very solid and stable emulsion with "poof" and "poof" messages on the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve when combined with liquid oil. This emulsion can give a delicious and juicy texture and a solid bite similar to full fat meat products. In baked goods, this technology can also provide texture with higher moisture content, increase the volume of products and improve the internal structure of bread. Thanks to the innovation of methocel MX fat replacement technology, consumers do not have to give up their favorite summer barbecue foods such as sausage and sausage and fresh and delicious baked foods such as muffins and cakes for the objective factors of high fat content, so they can have delicious and healthy dietary choices

referring to methocel MX fat replacement technology, Ms. Michel van genugten said that the weight reduction of this part means that the global market development manager of Jing Jane's chemical food and nutrition business department can be realized, "Methocel MX is an innovative technology that replaces solid fat by using healthier edible oil, such as Omega-9 healthy edible oil from Dow Yinong. Consumers want to eat healthy food, but they are unwilling to sacrifice the taste and texture of food. Therefore, methocel MX has become an excellent solution for food technologists to solve this concern."

"through repeated practice and cooperation with customers, we are confident that this technology will significantly improve the taste and structure of low-fat meat products and baked goods," Ms. van genugten said, "More importantly, our customers can reduce the cost of ingredients by using methocel mxtm fat replacement technology, which will undoubtedly become an urgent demand in the current global economic environment. From the current market promotion situation, to improve the company's core competitiveness, our customers express great enthusiasm for the function of methocel mxtm fat replacement technology. For this technology has been recognized by authoritative experts in China's food industry, We feel very honored. Dow food and nutrition will continue to work with customers to develop more innovative solutions that will bring benefits to the global food industry. "

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