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257 scientific and technological achievements won the science and Technology Award in the chemical industry

257 scientific and technological achievements won the science and Technology Award in the chemical industry

November 24, 2014

[China paint information] on November 21, the 2014 science and technology award ceremony of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries was held grandly in the people's congress hall. A group of collectives and individuals stood on the podium with honor, and 257 scientific and technological innovation achievements were awarded, It has played an important role in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy in the industry

<3. The accuracy of the force sensor p>35 achievements won the technical invention award. Among them, the cila project of complex ionic liquid tetraalkylation technology completed by China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and other units won the special prize for technological invention. Another 222 achievements won the science and technology progress award, among which the key technology project of exploration and development for sustainable production and stable production of 10 million ton oil field in Yanchang oil area completed by Shaanxi Yanchang oil group and the ultra deep well drilling technology research and industrial application project completed by Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute shared the special prize of science and technology progress. Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, presented the award certificates to the representatives of the units that have won the special prize for most of the bosses, senior engineers and sales managers of private experimental machine enterprises

Li Yongwu, President of China Petrochemical Federation, presented the award-winning certificate of Zhao Yonghao's innovation achievement award and the special fund award of 200000 yuan to Professor Chen Jianfeng of Beijing University of chemical technology. The conference also awarded honorary certificates and trophies to eight comrades who won the outstanding contribution award of Youth Science and technology and three teams who won the innovation team award. In addition, the conference awarded licenses to 56 enterprises, 6 industry key laboratories, 5 industry engineering laboratories and 3 industry engineering research centers newly identified as 2014 China's chemical industry technological innovation demonstration enterprises

Gu Xiulian extended warm congratulations to the collectives and individuals who were commended. She pointed out that in the first three quarters of this year, the total profit of China's petroleum and chemical industry fell by 1.8% year-on-year. The whole industry has reached a new stage in which it must rely more on scientific and technological innovation to lead and support industrial transformation and upgrading. She hoped that everyone would enhance their awareness of hardship, overcome difficulties and make greater achievements in the journey of scientific and technological innovation

Li Yongwu pointed out that compared with previous years, this year's award-winning projects have two prominent characteristics: first, the protection of intellectual property rights has been further strengthened, and second, the number of young scientific and technological talents awarded has increased significantly. In this year's 35 Technological Invention Award projects, 351 invention patents were authorized, with an average of 9 for each. Among them, 7 projects have obtained 21 international patent authorizations. For example, the first prize of technological invention was won for the creation and industrialization of high-efficiency agricultural fungicide carbendazim and the development of high-efficiency fungicide carbendazim with completely independent intellectual property rights, which reduced farmers' drug costs and impact on the environment

young talents are the new force of scientific and technological innovation. According to statistics, among the main participants of the award-winning projects of this year's industrial scientific and technological progress award, young talents under the age of 45 account for 57.8% of the total, of which those under the age of 35 account for 23.2%. The construction of young scientific and technological talents in the industry has made positive progress, and has become the most creative and plastic important force to promote the scientific and technological progress of the industry

the special fund for science and technology awards for inspecting the operation of machinery in the petroleum and chemical industry just established last year awarded bonuses to units and individuals who won the special prize, the first prize for technological invention, the youth science and technology outstanding contribution award and the innovation team award for the first time this year, including 100000 yuan for the special prize and 60000 yuan for the first prize for technological invention

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