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Dow Chemical raised the price of oxygenated solvents from October 1

due to strong global demand and fierce competition for volatile and restricted raw materials and energy, Dow Chemical announced that the company would increase the price of several oxygenated solvent product groups in North America according to the terms of the contract, effective from October 1, 2009. Price increases range from $0.03 - $0.10 per pound. In a related action, Dow also announced that it would increase the price of graded isopropanol by US $0.05/pound from mid September

mark Bassett, director of global oxidation solvent business, said that raw material prices have risen relentlessly and have been volatile. We are facing the most difficult challenge. Although the price increase will affect our customers, we must increase the price to ensure that the original user must comply with the corresponding standard requirements when setting up material purchase and provide reliable supply for customers

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