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Dow launched a new consista d7000 donor product

Dow Chemical Company has added a new consista d7000 donor for its catalyst system products to produce high melt flow polypropylene resin

d7000 makes the conversion between different product levels smoother and faster, improves the performance characteristics of the finished resin, and reduces the production cost by reducing the use of hydrogen peroxide. Consista d7000 is specially developed for high melting impact copolymer PP resins, such as those used in automotive interiors or food contact applications

the new catalyst has been pointed out by slovnaft petrochemicals that the dashboard materials need to be environmentally friendly (low volatility, bio based materials); Lightweight (foaming technology with low density and thin-wall technology with high mobility); Comfort (super soft touch, multi color and multi texture, lighting technology) trial of RO company in Bratislava, Slovakia

Andre, the factory manager, said that there is no place for the operation of the experimental machine to be more professional than us. J Horak said, "our original intention of developing the consista d7000 is to improve the product performance, and we have done very well in this regard × 2 excellent. In addition, we also found some other unexpected benefits, such as reducing processing costs and improving operability, making it closer to other Dow ADT donors. "

consista d7000 is compatible with Dow's existing SHAC catalyst and donor system product line

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