2500 street lamps light up the back streets and al

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Chaoyang 2500 street lamps light up the back streets and alleys

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Chaoyang 2500 street lamps light up the back streets and alleys

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original title: Chaoyang 2500 street lamps light up the back streets and alleys

source Title: 2500 Street lamps light up the back streets and alleys

the author learned from Chaoyang District on December 6 that in order to facilitate citizens to travel, Chaoyang District checked and sorted out the unlit roads in its jurisdiction. By the end of 2018, a total of 2500 street lights in 74 streets and alleys in the region will be on

at the intersection of wusheng North Road and bakeyang middle street, several workers are erecting light poles for installation and commissioning. The person in charge of the project said that at present, the inspection has been completed to see whether the operation can reach more than 1000 meters. Therefore, for the laying of street lamp pipelines seeking technological innovation, street lamps are being installed, and it is expected that the power supply will be turned on next week

the relevant person in charge of Chaoyang District Urban Management Committee said that up to now, a total of 70 permanent street lamps have been basically installed on five roads, including wusheng North Road, bakeyang middle street, tianshuiyuan East Street. In the later stage, the street lamps will be unified into the management of the municipal lighting management center to ensure the safe travel of surrounding citizens

since this year, Chaoyang District has checked the lighting conditions of the back streets and alleys in the whole district, and installed permanent street lamps on five roads that meet the conditions. However, 69 roads in Jintian Country Park West Road, Caofang West Road, Wuliqiao 1st Street, Dongbai street and other roads do not meet the conditions for installing permanent street lamps temporarily, so temporary measures are taken to install LED solar street lamps, which will be gradually replaced by permanent street lamps in 2019, revealed by the head of Zhongwang automobile business department

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