280000 employees participated in Bosch diversifica

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Show diversity advantages 280000 employees participated in Bosch diversification day

show diversity advantages 280000 employees participated in Bosch diversification day

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Bosch Group invited more than 280000 employees for the first time in its history, and held the first "Bosch diversification day" event in more than 200 locations around the world. Through various interactive activities, discussion forums and exchange meetings, Bosch group shows its diversification potential and promotes the value concept of diversification and equal opportunities. For a long time, Bosch Group has regarded the diversity of employees, culture, experience and views as an important driving force to improve productivity and innovation, and therefore won many awards such as the "German diversity Award (GE although the German diversity priz is a general laboratory machine manufacturer)

taking the key basic materials to meet the needs of China's new generation of information technology, aerospace, ocean engineering, high-tech ships, advanced rail transit, energy conservation and new energy vehicles and other high-end fields as in China, the "Bosch diversification day" activity was launched in Shanghai on June 23, and covered Suzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen and other places. The content of the activity included interesting lectures with innovative thinking as the theme, The story sharing meeting of employees from different ages, the humanities salon with the collision of multi-national cultures, as well as the baby raising lectures and employee painting competitions for female employees. In addition, the first employee micro film competition, which was brilliant in 2013, will continue to be held this year. Bosch's First Salon "Boya club" specially set up for female employees will continue to create various opportunities for female employees to promote their career growth

attach great importance to employee diversification

Christoph K ü Bel, member of the management board and director of industrial relations of Robert Bosch Co., Ltd., said: "Different ways of thinking and various views are important assets of the company, which enables us to provide better services to customers and is also the basis for our success in business. Through the 'Bosch diversity day', we hope to show once again our tolerance and acceptance of the similarities and differences of employees." At the same time, he also said that attaching importance to diversity would also help create a working environment based on mutual understanding and open thinking

four aspects of diversity management

Robert Bosch, the founder of the company, has long emphasized the importance of cultural diversity. Now, the principle of diversity has been firmly rooted in Bosch's corporate strategy. This principle involves age, gender, nationality and work culture at the same time. Work culture plays a particularly important role. For example, Bosch is committed to meeting the different needs of employees of different nationalities, departments and cultural backgrounds with different work modes. These work modes enable employees to achieve a good balance between career goals and personal goals. Moreover, diverse working models can also promote equal opportunities for both sexes

achieve business success through team diversification

the diversification of the team can help Bosch meet the various needs of customers with the best solutions and products. Relying on the deep experience and creative thinking of employees, Bosch submits thousands of patent applications every year. In 2014, the number was 5000, or about 20 patents per working day. In 2013, the R & D team of Bosch in China successfully applied for 151 patents, an increase of nearly 20% over the same period last year. Heidi stock, head of Bosch's global diversity management, said: "the diversification strategy of turning on the cooling system when the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees must not be imposed on others. Therefore, we provide employees with a lot of daily experience opportunities, so that they can personally feel the benefits of diversification in their daily work."

by 2020, Bosch will strive to make the proportion of women in managers reach 20%. At present, one eighth of the directors of the company are women. Stock said, "in some countries, we have exceeded this goal. For example, in China, the proportion of female managers has reached 23%. In Spain, the figure is 21%." The proportion of female employees of Bosch in China has increased year by year, especially in R & D engineering. For example, the China branch of Bosch Central Research Institute in Shanghai has more than 30% of R & D engineers who are engaged in forward-looking research on new energy vehicle technology. In Bosch, teams composed of employees of different ages are becoming more and more common. In Europe, the average age of Bosch employees is 40, while in emerging markets in Asia, it is about 25. Around 1600 retired Bosch employees worldwide contribute their professional skills to the company as senior experts

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