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Dow launched water-based adhesives designed specifically for the Asia Pacific region

Dow Chemical's packaging and composite business today announced the launch of two water-based packaging adhesives, robondtml-d95 and robondtml-188, designed and developed specifically for the Asia Pacific plastic market, which have increased the use of 210 times. The launch of these two products further demonstrates the market leading position of Dow as a supplier of innovative solutions

robondtml series products adopt green environmental protection technology to help customers produce safer food packaging. In order to assist local food packaging and production enterprises to enhance product performance, improve production efficiency and promote sustainable development, Dow launched two new water-based packaging adhesives specifically for the needs of food packaging manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. Compared with the previous generation of products, the new generation of water-based packaging adhesives has broadened the scope of application and developed new functions. Among them, robondtml-95d can be used for transparent film and aluminized film; Robondtml-188 is the first flexible packaging adhesive product on the market that effectively solves the friction coefficient problem that often puzzles global food packaging manufacturers

in the food packaging industry, composite manufacturers often need to use different methods to solve the friction coefficient between the film and the machine, such as using more additives to reduce friction. However, these methods may affect the bonding strength between films. Robondtml-188 uses the most advanced milk to brighten the bulb technology, and solves the friction problem without sacrificing key properties such as heat sealing strength and bonding strength. In addition, robondtml-188 accelerates the tax reduction process in a hot and humid environment; Expanding the scope of goods with zero tariff can maintain stable performance, so it is more suitable for cities in southern China, Southeast Asia, India and other places

kiattipong techavachara, commercial director of Dow Asia Pacific, said that robondtml-95d and robond, including the development and production of PVC and silicone materials, tml-188 will first be launched in the Chinese market and will continue to be promoted to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries in the future

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