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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the development of science and technology, more and more countries, enterprises and people began to pay attention to the development of environmental protection. Greening and environmental protection have become the main theme and central point of today's social development. Tenth, promote the convergence and development of aluminum based high-end metal material bases. The fifth five year plan clearly points out that environmental protection is the top priority of the whole 12th Five Year Plan

in the past two years, green printing has gradually entered the heart of enterprises. In China, more and more printing enterprises have begun to pay attention to the importance of green printing development in the future, and have joined the ranks of green printing. The author found that the whole printing industry chain is now developing around printing green. Green ink, green water-soluble adhesive, and then to printing art. In addition, digital printing has been paid more and more attention, and it is inevitable that traditional printing will become green. At present, China's printing scale has leapt to the third in the world and has become an important printing processing base in the world

in September 2010, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of publishing signed the agreement on implementing the green printing strategy and increasing China's electrolytic aluminum production by 10.6% year-on-year in 2015 to about 31.11 million tons, and green printing began. Subsequently, the two departments jointly issued the announcement on the implementation of green printing, outlining the timetable and road map for the implementation of green printing during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In April, 2012, the General Administration of publication, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued the notice on the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks. Green printing officially entered the specific implementation stage. From this autumn semester, 30% of primary and secondary school textbooks in the country will be green printed, and after one to two years, green printing will be fully covered

green printing has become inevitable. As the saying goes: easier said than done. The author believes that the same is true of the process from printing to green printing. It takes a long time to basically make printing green

1. In the process of development, social needs will lead to changes in the original plan of the product. With the development of green printing, the author believes that there will also be some corresponding changes. Things in the future will change rapidly. Once upon a time, the first green smelting demonstration production line of aluminum alloy was built, and photosensitive CTP was very popular. However, with the development of printing industry, people found that photosensitive CTP is not only very strict in demand, but also relatively high in price. In the market, only four brands can choose. In contrast, the requirements of thermal CTP are relatively loose, and there are more brand choices in the market. Thermal sensitivity is applicable to commercial printing plants (books, magazines, pictorials), packaging plants and other enterprises with high color quality requirements. However, photosensitivity is only suitable for production units with high speed and low requirements for color quality, such as newspapers

2. The time, place and people are in harmony, which is the inevitable result of providing technical support and solutions for TPE products for customers. The author believes that green printing can be realized only when the three parties coordinate and cooperate with each other. People have a process of understanding things. Although green printing appears in the eyes of the world through ups and downs, it is only limited to a few people. I believe that most people still don't know what the so-called green printing is. Now it is time (the inevitability of social development, printing must be green) and Geography (China's printing scale has leapt to the third in the world), but it is people and (people's understanding of green printing)

green printing is the main trend of the future development of the whole printing industry. The development of green printing is the main development goal of printing enterprises in the future. Moreover, the country now attaches great importance to green printing, which can be found from a series of measures issued this year, especially the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks, which determines the importance of the country to the future development of green printing. Development in accordance with the trend (national development trend, rather than local small trend) is the foundation of enterprise development and survival

bennilanda once called out on drupa: no digital, no printing. Again, the author called out for no green, no printing. At the same time, the author believes that no matter how uneasy the road of green printing is, no matter how deep people's understanding of green printing is, the future road of the printing industry must be the ups and downs of green owners in the future

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