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11 concept stocks including "made in China to sea" construction machinery rose by the daily limit

made in China "made in China to sea" construction machinery and other 11 concept stocks rose by the daily limit

China Construction machinery information

made in China related sectors rose sharply today. Construction machinery, railway infrastructure, construction and other sectors led the two cities. In the construction machinery sector, 5 shares including Shantui, Changlin and XCMG machinery rose by the limit, while 4 shares including China Communications Construction, Sinoma International and Northern International rose by the limit. Railway infrastructure sector Blue Shield shares and Liugong shares rose by the limit

According to the news, the APEC meeting, which will start on November 5, will focus on regional economic integration, strengthening all-round connectivity and infrastructure construction. Infrastructure construction is a prerequisite for connectivity. With the support of the Asian investment bank and the 100 billion scale special fund, domestic construction machinery and other infrastructure enterprises are expected to accelerate the pace of "going global" and usher in a good opportunity for the Nuggets' overseas market, Wang Jinghai said

in addition, the most direct effect of the merger of North South trains is the expansion of the market. Now China's railways have entered the international market, signed orders with many countries and received projects. Many railway lines made in China play a role in the economic development and social exchanges of many countries. The merger of CSR and CNR will undoubtedly re integrate the scattered market resources, and its business scale is far larger than that of the world's largest railway vehicle enterprises such as Bombardier in Canada and Siemens in Germany. It will greatly promote the export of high-speed railway and metro vehicles, and will also have a great impact on the international railway rolling stock and construction market competition

at the same time, from the perspective of the trading situation of public funds, the bank stocks that have made great contributions to the market to reach a phased new high were significantly reduced by the fund during the sharp rise, and turned to three Chinese manufacturing enterprises, machinery, power equipment and light industry manufacturing, with relatively poor technological development capacity; Build blocks

in this regard, the Fund said that from the operation of the fund last week, it showed that the allocation of the fund began to shift to the undervalued blue chip representing "made in China". For future investment opportunities, many fund managers said that under the circumstance that the blow molding film driven by the film blowing machine with a clear upward trend in the medium and long term has brought so many conveniences to food processing and commodity packaging, the correction in October has helped the market regain energy, and it is expected that the subsequent market will fluctuate upward, and the upward trend may continue until next year. Among them, undervalued blue chip opportunities deserve attention

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