A brief comment on the ABS market of China Plastic

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On November 21, China Plastics warehouse receipt ABS market brief comment

I. brief comment on the market:

on November 20, the FOB South Korean price of styrene in Asia fell by $2.5/ton, and the CFR China price fell by $8/ton, WTI original gb13022 (9) 1 "test method for tensile properties of plastic film" describes the fixture as follows: "The experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixture oil, which fell by $0.17/barrel.

today, ABS warehouse receipts continued to rise sharply, and the ABS warehouse receipts index closed at 1228.78 points at 15:00, up 14.59 points from the previous trading day. The total trading volume of the whole day was 155 tons, and the order volume increased by 110 tons to 395 tons. Ab0611 warehouse receipts ended trading today, and ab0703 warehouse receipts were listed and began trading. The specific conditions of each warehouse receipt are as follows:

ab0612 warehouse receipts opened at the price of the up limit version There was no change until the closing, and the settlement price was 15309 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan from the previous trading day

ab0701 warehouse receipt opened high and fluctuated, and the transaction volume was large. The opening price was 15330 yuan/ton, up 195 yuan. After intraday consolidation, the lowest price was 15225 yuan/ton, the highest price was 15335 yuan/ton in the daily limit version, and the closing price was 15315 yuan/ton, and the settlement price was 15304 yuan/ton, up 169 yuan from the previous trading day

ab0 this situation will last at least until May 703. The warehouse receipts will open higher and go higher. The transaction is general. The settlement price is 15235 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan from the previous trading day r-radius 60; D - thickness (see 6.1); B - width of parallel part 10 ± 0.5; B11 end width 20 ± 0.5

II. Fundamental analysis:

today, the overall situation of the market remains the same, with low transactions and poor demand atmosphere. Although the quotation is stable, the actual transaction price is slightly lower. However, traders are not pessimistic about the future market. It is expected that ABS will continue to rise in the near future according to Xiao Yaqing

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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