A brief analysis of the marketing characteristics

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A brief analysis of the characteristics of public platform marketing

1 Word of mouth is recommended by acquaintances. In the era of new media, mass communication is no longer the only choice of enterprise network marketing. In contrast, network interpersonal communication has become a more effective new way of network marketing. Because most of the circle of friends are acquaintances or official account that have been contacted, it is easier for users to establish a trust relationship with each other in interaction. After experiencing the products or services of the enterprise, users can not only score them without changing the software or the host part, but also share information with their friends through powerful rich media transmission function, This kind of marketing mode recommended by acquaintances can better ensure the transmission and reading of information and promote users' consumption

2. Content positioning precision marketing public platform. Users can get relevant information by paying attention to the official account. 5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket and push messages. At the same time, users can also customize the content with the enterprise official account. When using internet marketing, enterprises are not limited to the form of opening enterprise official account, but can cooperate with some non business official account with a large number of fans to achieve the purpose of product promotion through embedded marketing. For example, SHANGXIA kitchen official account can push recipes to users according to their needs. After knowing the user's taste, the account will selectively push some cooking product information, and users are likely to like this taste and buy at the pushed address. This kind of implantable marketing is easier to be accepted by users. At the same time, users' trust in the official account will also bring good impression to their pushed products, It is easier to generate purchase behavior

3. Lbs based geographic location marketing geographic location services. Chat multi-layer film usually has a thinner thickness than single-layer film. The sky interface can easily send out the geographical location of users. This function is another breakthrough for enterprises to carry out precision marketing. Similarly, taking eLong Travel as an example, users can obtain the information of nearby restaurants, transportation and hotels by sending 1. Take out the friction body and send it to their current geographical location with white Daolin paper (or A4 white paper). They can also book nearby hotels and guesthouses through the official account platform. After obtaining this user location, the official account will also push relevant tourism information to users accordingly. Lbs platform realizes users' demand for information and meets the purpose of business promotion. This mutually beneficial marketing model is not easy to lead to users' resistance to pushing information, and has a higher acceptance

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