A brief analysis of tobacco packaging and printing

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Brief analysis: tobacco packaging and printing technology and development trend

with the structural adjustment of tobacco enterprises and the further improvement of cigarette brand concentration, the single batch printing volume of brands will be greatly increased under the condition that the total production volume is relatively stable. In this case, gravure printing, which is good at printing large-scale orders, has a place to play. In the printing process, gravure printing has high ink volume, good ink saturation, clear layers and bright colors

at the same time, it can meet the printing of mass products. The high-speed operation mode enables gravure printing to complete the printing of mass products in a short time, and the printing quality is stable. The same batch of products can achieve no color difference

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 printing enterprises focusing on cigarette packs in China, and most printing enterprises have gravure production lines. There are more than 50 6-8 color gravure printing lines in Yunnan alone

shaftless (electronic shaft) transmission technology

from the concept to application, shaftless transmission technology has experienced many years of development in China. So far, we have not only seen shaftless transmission technology put into actual production in the field of offset printing, such as Manroland, gaobao, Gauss and beiren, which have launched corresponding equipment respectively. In the field of gravure printing, although lagging behind foreign well-known manufacturers, domestic manufacturers have also successfully applied shaftless transmission technology to equipment, effectively accelerating the development of gravure printing in China and improving the quality of gravure printing products. Shaftless drive has become a new technology platform for web gravure printing, and is one of the three key technologies of gravure printing machine (shaftless drive, printing trolley, sleeve impression cylinder)

shaftless transmission will still be the most important technical development direction of domestic gravure printing machines in the next few years, and shaftless transmission will be used in gravure printing machines for various purposes

the extensive use of shaftless transmission technology has had a revolutionary impact on the transmission and control system of Web continuous printing equipment. At present, shaftless transmission and registration systems are mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used on very few domestic gravure printing machines. The development of domestic system will be the key to the comprehensive upgrading of domestic gravure printing machines

the most common solution for cigarette bag gravure printing: drum gravure printing machine online sheet cutting machine

the integration of the tobacco industry has led to the development of cigarette bag production in a large number and high-speed direction, which provides a huge application platform for rotary gravure printing equipment. Rotogravure printing machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and thick ink color, and has significant advantages in cigarette bag printing with tens of millions of pieces at any time. At present, a kind of gravure printing equipment that is very suitable for cigarette bag printing enterprises is the rotary gravure machine online large sheet cutting machine (electronic shaft) equipment, because the rotary gravure machine and the large sheet cutting machine are online to cut web prints into single sheet products, which is suitable for mass production and can also ensure the smooth post-processing process of cigarette labels. Major manufacturers at home and abroad can provide this equipment, which meets the changing needs of this market

the compound transfer 9-color printing line gravure printing unit is a gravure printing unit integrating compound, transfer, ordinary printing and UV printing. It is also an independently driven gravure printing unit. The whole unit is composed of uncoiling device, transfer, compounding device, six groups of ordinary printing machine bases, two groups of UV printing machine bases, large sheet cross cutting and other parts. It can be connected to compound or transfer gold and silver cardboard and print immediately. Because each unit is driven independently, it can avoid the seams of laser roll paper, breaking through the forbidden zone that the rotary gravure machine cannot print laser roll paper

fixed length drawing composite transfer production line

connecting holographic film fixed length drawing composite transfer polychromatic gravure printing line cross cutting folding carton gravure printing production line. The fixed length stretching of holographic film, wet compounding of connecting lines, and transfer of connecting lines or not can greatly reduce the scrap rate and significantly reduce the cost. The production line has the characteristics of modular structure, patented technology and high cost performance

four modular modules: zero speed docking: fixed length drawing wet composite transfer (special unit): multicolor printing (with secondary sleeve; export function); Post press connection unit (cross cutting, winding, etc.):

patented technology - two key patents: composite transfer printing machine (exclusively authorized production and sales in China), fixed length stretch wet laminating machine:

high cost performance index reaches or is close to the level of foreign equipment: the price is only 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the imported equipment

combined printing process is highly respected

due to the relatively large profits of cigarette package printing in the early years, a large number of printing enterprises have set foot in the cigarette package printing industry, especially the printing enterprises in Guangdong and Shenzhen, resulting in increasingly fierce competition in cigarette package printing. As a result, the cigarette package design and printing process are becoming more and more complex, and gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, UV printing and other technologies have been launched, Cigarette boxes printed by the combination of twoorthree printing technologies can be used in passive rooms everywhere. See the efficient use of sunlight, internal heat source and heat recovery. Many products also use the combined printing process

under such a situation, the original high-speed rotary gravure printing machine is no longer suitable for the requirements of combined printing of cigarette packets in various ways, and its flexibility is greatly limited. At this time, the domestic monochrome gravure printing machine with good quality and low price took advantage of the trend and occupied the best time, place and people under the general situation of printing cigarette packs with a variety of technology combinations. According to the statistics of sheet fed gravure machine suppliers, at present, the installed capacity of domestic sheet fed gravure machines has been about 200, and the vast majority of manufacturers have sheet fed offset printing machines. The purpose of their selection of sheet fed gravure printing machine is to cooperate with the existing offset printing machine to realize the combination of glue and gravure, so as to achieve high-quality and low-cost printing. At present, more than 90% of the glue concave combination process is used for high-end cigarette bag printing

moreover, the problem of being controlled by others is still prominent. More powerful cigarette bag printing enterprises will spend a large amount of investment to purchase combined printing production lines, of which a considerable part is used in cigarette bag printing

1. Advantages of combined printing

the group also needs to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. The result of combined printing has pushed the grade of cigarette packets to an unprecedented level. At the same time, it also gives full play to the characteristics of several printing methods, learning from each other's strong points to complement each other's weak points, and leads the way. Offset printing is used to print plus images and gradient patterns, and gravure printing ink layer is thick and ink color is used. Therefore, this instrument has the advantages of mercury free smoothness meter stability. It prints large areas of field and spot colors, gold silver, pearlescent colors and various imitation metal etching inks. If you need special finishing effect, you can also add silk printing process, such as frosting, ice flower, crystal, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, the combination of offset printing, gravure printing and silk screen printing has brought unprecedented strong artistic visual effects to cigarette packs. Coupled with the post-processing technology: Gold sweeping, UV local glazing, bronzing, bulging, etc., it makes the cigarette bag even more beautiful and amazing

2. Existing problems

although the combined printing process can bring excellent surface printing effect, its variability can also easily lead to the instability of product quality and the improvement of printing cost. Appropriate process changes and process combinations are suitable and beneficial, but too much will easily affect the operation process and print quality. For example, some cigarette labels using combined processes are very beautiful when proofing, but once they are put into mass production, the quality is difficult to maintain relative stability

when purchasing combined printing equipment, printing enterprises should understand where their product positioning is. They should not only know what E3 is doing now, but also know what it will do in 3-5 years, and what kind of combined printing equipment is suitable for them. They must choose the equipment according to their ability, and choose the configuration suitable for them according to the requirements of products and customers, taking into account the quality, function and after-sales service

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