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A brief analysis of the good environment promotes the orderly development of the publishing market

this year is the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, and achieving a good start is the earnest expectation of every publishing unit at the beginning of the year. Now, half the time has passed, how are they doing? In the interview, China publishing daily learned that despite the challenges of increasingly diversified cultural consumption, increasingly fierce competition in the publishing market, and difficult transformation of traditional publishing, many publishing groups still handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. In the first half of the year, various indicators have been significantly improved, and it is expected to overfulfil the annual task by the end of the year

the main business continued to be straight

the sales revenue increased by more than 20% year-on-year

this is a group of gratifying figures:

the sales revenue of China Publishing Group Corporation in the first half of the year increased by 21.93% year-on-year, and the profit increased by 45.19% (among which the growth rate of rongbaozhai was as high as 251.41%), and the market share continued to be the first in the country

from January to may, the published books of Zhongnan publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd. increased by 28% year-on-year, and the market share jumped to the fourth in the country

behind this, various groups have made a lot of efforts, which can be well illustrated by a series of fruitful efforts of China Publishing Group Corporation and Zhongnan media. China Publishing Group, with a strong main business, began to deploy the publishing work to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in April last year. At present, the overall scale has reached more than 170, and the market response is very good. Niezhenning, President of China Publishing Group Corporation, told that the group has also made breakthroughs in the construction of production lines, and 13 book production lines have achieved good results. For example, Xi'an company, the world book publishing company, has taken the lead in the market share of medical reference books, and the software is programmed in Delphi language

Zhongnan media has made concerted efforts in the four business sectors. The advantages of traditional publishing continued to consolidate. From January to may, 3211 books were published, an increase of 28% year-on-year; The distribution market share has increased steadily. The province's spring teaching materials and teaching aids have increased by 121 million yuan year-on-year, and 31.653 million copies of compulsory education textbooks have been subscribed and distributed in 25 provinces (cities) such as Beijing and Guangdong. The sales volume of general books in Xinhua bookstores across the province reached 310million yuan through the implementation of separate operations; The transformation and innovation of printing supply accelerated, and Tianwen printing company strengthened market development, and the operating revenue and profit increased simultaneously; In people's mind, the electronic omnipotence has a high failure rate, the interaction and integration of newspapers and networks have been strengthened, and the dominant position of Xiaoxiang Morning News Department has been further consolidated

based on the analysis of the industrial development environment in the first half of 2011, Nie Zhenning, Gong Shuguang, Zhang Lisheng and Du Jinqing, several group leaders, believed that the overall environment in the first half of 2011 was good and the reform and development presented a good picture

to investigate the reasons, niezhenning believes that two points are particularly important: first, cultural development and cultural system reform have received widespread attention from the whole society, and Party committees at all levels attach great importance to it, forming a good atmosphere for the whole society to care about culture and attach importance to culture. Second, the concept of "straight main business, content is king" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the whole industry. Publishing units pay more attention to the publishing mission and their core competitiveness, and have taken pragmatic measures in promoting the development of main business

the reform is further promoted

the key goal is to lock in the share reform and reorganization

2011 is the first year of complete operation after the listing of Zhongnan media. Gongshuguang, chairman of the board, told that the development experience of Zhongnan media after its listing was typically recommended at the national cultural system reform work conference, and successfully won the third national top 30 cultural enterprises. In the first half of the year, the group focused on strengthening management and standardizing the operation of the company. The three associations operated efficiently and the operation and management were carried out in an orderly manner. According to reports, in the first half of the year, Zhongnan media held two general meetings of shareholders, six meetings of the board of directors and four meetings of the board of supervisors, and considered and passed a total of 15 important proposals on the structural principle of the heavy friction experimental machine and 72 proposals. All the special committees of the board of directors have fully performed their relevant responsibilities, ensuring that all decisions are made in an efficient and orderly manner and that the decision-making efficiency is continuously improved. By being listed as a pilot enterprise for internal control regulation of listed companies by Hunan regulatory bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company further accelerated the construction of internal control system and improved the internal control system

Hebei publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd., which fully completed the restructuring of enterprises last year, is not willing to fall behind. In the first half of the year, the group company made great efforts to promote the stock reform and listing, and made a series of preliminary preparations for this, and made breakthroughs in the integration, reorganization and intensive management: it implemented 10 resource integration works in the business sectors of books, newspapers and periodicals, printing, materials and so on, and newly established 9 new enterprises, such as teaching materials management company, investment and development company, materials trading company and so on; A cooperation agreement was reached with Hunan Tianzhou culture, a private listed company, and the two sides jointly invested 60million yuan to establish Beijing beizhou culture media company. Dujinqing, chairman of Hebei publishing and media group, said that at present, the group company has met the basic conditions for listing in terms of system and mechanism, industrial scale, business performance and so on. Various preparations for listing are also being carried out in a tense and orderly manner, and leapfrog development is just around the corner

Zhang Lisheng, chairman of Shandong publishing group, has been in the publishing and printing industry for 35 years, and is well versed in business management. He said that the most important task of Shandong Publishing Group in the first half of this year was the joint-stock reform, which was listed as the No. 1 project of the group. This large publishing group, whose sales revenue ranks in the forefront of the country and whose annual tax payment has exceeded 300million yuan for more than ten consecutive years, has accelerated the pace of reform in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan: the establishment of joint-stock companies and the joint-stock transformation of editing, printing, distribution and supply are steadily advancing

in China Publishing Group, strategic restructuring is also continuing. Niezhenning told that all the technical work of reorganizing the Chinese publishing house had been completed; The Yellow River Publishing and media group is being cleared and verified, and it is expected to complete all restructuring work within this year; The world book publishing company and modern publishing house within the group have also been stripped from the China National Book Import and export (Group) Corporation to become a secondary enterprise of the group

accelerate the pace of transformation

achieve a new breakthrough in the operation of large projects

in May this year, China Publishing Group Corporation launched China Digital Publishing excellence at the Harbin National Book Fair, marking that this large publishing and media group, known as China's publishing aircraft carrier, has begun to speed up the transformation process. Everyone is familiar with the tensile experiment of bolts

in Central China, Zhongnan media, which has raised a large amount of funds, has also increased its investment in this area, and the five digital projects have been rapidly promoted. First, cooperate with Huawei to restructure Tianwen digital media company, and the new company will be officially put into operation. Huawei has invested 15 overseas newspaper offices into a joint venture, which will integrate into an overseas digital publishing platform covering 320million people and spreading Chinese culture. Second, cooperate with China Broadcasting Group to promote the three integration innovative teaching platform, and Zhongnan media will also introduce and design relevant content. Third, the county-level newspaper project has been widely developed. At present, red has signed cooperation agreements with 90 counties (cities, districts), 50 newspapers have been online, and more than 400000 monthly subscribers. Fourth, China Unicom Yuedu base was successfully settled in Hunan, responsible for the operation of the base's reading boutique. Fifth, the Central South Media Digital Resource Center was officially established. At present, the number of books in the Central South e library has reached 13082

Hebei publishing and media group, which is close to Beijing, chose to pay close attention to project construction and seek to expand its industrial strength. Dujinqing said that based on the development strategic layout, the group has planned and implemented an innovative publishing industry project supported by 15 key projects with a total investment of more than 13 billion yuan, mainly including high-quality book publishing project, digital printing industrial park, Hebei publishing media creative center project, etc. Among them, Hebei publication distribution center, with an investment of 342million yuan and a construction area of 103000 square meters, will be put into operation in early August; Beidaihe cultural and creative base, with an investment of 126 million yuan and a construction area of more than 20000 square meters, will be put into use in late July. Dujinqing said: these projects include both the publishing content industry and the construction of publishing facilities; Both the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries and new types of businesses such as digital publishing play a significant supporting role and strategic significance in achieving the goal of building a double 10 billion group

the task in the second half of the year is still arduous, but the overall environment is improving and the market is gradually developing in an orderly manner. Niezhenning said. Like him, several group bosses are full of confidence in the development prospects of the enterprise

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