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On June 23, 2009, China Plastics warehouse receipt PP market brief comment

China Plastics price index fell 11.04 points to 939.19 points, and China Plastics warehouse receipt index fell 19.08 points to 889.85 points

I. review of the crude oil market

crude oil futures closed down on Monday, and the settlement price closed below $67 per barrel for the first time since June 3. Doubts about the strong demand for gasoline in the United States triggered a sell-off of oil. The settlement price of July light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $2.62, or 3.8%, to $66.93 a barrel. The July crude oil futures contract expires on Monday, so most of the trading volume is concentrated on the August crude oil futures contract. August crude oil futures contract fell $2.52, or 3.6%, to $67.50 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures contract on ICE Futures Exchange fell $2.21, or 3.2%, to $66.98 a barrel

II. Basic information

① spot market:

today's PP market quotation is slightly lower, the hardness value is inaccurate, and the transaction is still depressed. The sharp drop in crude oil has exacerbated the panic mentality, and the phenomenon of low-cost goods selling has increased. As there is little room for future decline, upside down shipment is still rare. Most businesses agree that the market will decline slightly in the near future

② dynamics of China Plastics spot Mall:

at noon today, the overall price of China Plastics spot Mall () PP was mainly downward, with a decline of yuan/ton. The prices of two other brands rose, rising by 50 yuan/ton and 200 yuan/ton respectively

III Technical status


opening price

closing price

settlement price

trading volume

order volume














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quotation unit



data source: China Plastics information ()

today's PP warehouse receipt opened at a medium low price, the decline slowed down after the acceleration of the front price, the middle and rear price was running at a low price, the buyer's support was not strong, unable to reverse the disk, and the horizontal trend was maintained until the end of the market. The PP warehouse receipt closed at 1029.18 points, down 22.28 points from the previous trading day, or 2.12 points.%. The daily K line of PP index closes to the long negative line; The 5-day moving average continued its downward trend, finishing above the physical center of gravity; KDJ index is down, subject to oversold areas; The opening of the BOL line is slightly enlarged, and the tail plate entity moves in the middle of the price line, and the price line inclines downward. Today, the trading atmosphere in PP warehouse receipt market was good, the low transaction volume increased sharply, and the order volume rose steadily. The cumulative total trading volume was 1782 batches, an increase of 618 batches compared with the previous trading day; The order quantity was 5635 batches, an increase of 161 batches compared with the previous trading day

pp0909, the main variety, opened at a low price of 9299 yuan/ton at the opening. After the initial shock and downward movement, it moved horizontally and horizontally. The middle and rear plate surface rose slightly, with a small range, and ended at 9200 yuan/ton. The calculated price of pp0909 settlement and control system software was 9195 yuan/ton, a sharp decrease of 203 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day

IV. future forecast

international crude oil will continue to fall, the confidence of the spot market will be hit again, and the phenomenon of selling will occur repeatedly. It is still possible to fall in the future. According to the analysis, it is expected that the PP warehouse receipt market of sinoplastics will continue to fluctuate and decline tomorrow

note: a technical research team led by the factory director, composed of technicians in the work area and grass-roots management personnel has been established. The reprinted content is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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